The LG L20 might be small in size, but there’s no denying that this compact device is mighty, too. A budget handset, the L20 offers many of the same apps, features and functions as your regular flagship smartphone, only cheaper.

So if you’re after a wallet-friendly phone that doesn’t compromise on style and functionality, then the LG L20 might be right up your street.

Perfectly compact design

First glance at the LG L20 and you will notice that it’s compact- delicate, if you like. And with so many new smartphones featuring screens that are larger than your face, it’s a breath of fresh air to see a manageably-sized handset hit the market.

LG L20 Design

With a 3-inch touchscreen display there’s plenty of room for you to send texts, make calls and watch hilarious YouTube clips of cats falling down stairs or people tipping buckets of ice over themselves.

If you’re a fan of standing out of the crowd then the L20 fits the bill perfectly, allowing you to customise your phone like in the good old days. Available in black, blue and pink, you can add a touch of colour to your life.

LG L20 Features

If you think that the LG L20’s budget price tag means you have to forgo on features, then you would be wrong. With a range of built in and downloadable features available on the L20, there’s really nothing you’ll have to go without.

Compared to most budget smartphones of its calibre, the L20 offers an in-built FM radio and a 2 megapixel camera which should be more than enough to satisfy your multimedia needs! Built-in GPS also means that you won’t get lost when you’re out and about as Google Maps will come to your rescue!

Whilst the handset might only come with 4GB of internal storage, a helpful SD card slot means you can expand the phone’s memory to a whopping 32GB- plenty of room for all of your favourite tunes and photos. Plus with its dual core 1GHz processor, you can rest assured that your smartphone will keep up with every demand that you put on it.

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Stay ‘appy with Android KitKat!

Another great feature on the LG L20 is the addition of Android KitKat 4.4, one of Google’s more recent versions of the famous operating system, albeit older than the brand new Lollipop OS.

LG L20

KitKat has been specially designed to bring optimal performance on all smartphones, from the budget end of the spectrum right to the top range flagship handsets hitting the high end of the market.  In practice this means that the L20 will bring all of Google’s latest updates, such as Google Now, Google’s intuitive hub, which houses all of your much needed info, from weather updates and scores from your favourite football team, to recently read articles and directions.

With Android KitKat comes apps- and thousands of them at that. So whether you are a social media junkie or a serial gamer, there’s literally no limit when it comes to downloading apps on the LG L20. Compared to similar Windows Phones on the budget market, the L20 offers far more from the Google Play Store, making the decision a no brainer.

LG L20: the best budget smartphone?

So there we have it: an LG L20 review that proves that while the handset is small, there’s nothing compact about the smartphone’s specs, features and design. In fact, the only thing that is small is the L20’s price tag, with deals for the LG L20 starting at just over a fiver a month!

Interested? Browse through the tariffs available for the LG L20 and pick up a bargain today.