Smartphones and apps go hand in hand, it’s an undeniable part of their cumulative technology lives. But some apps are more helpful than others, making them more deserving of a place in your tightly constricted portable memory space.

Whether it’s something that provides a handy service or something which helps you brighten up your morning commute, each of the following apps has the ability to change your life (hopefully for the better!). So if you’re grabbing yourself a smartphone and need some app advice, or if you just need to refresh your stagnant home screen, these apps should do the trick!



There are countless numbers of fitness apps in each and every app store, all of which are useful in their own way. But unlike some of these hyper-muscular and insanely expectant programs, FitBit is arguably the best, because it keeps things simple, achievable and competitive without going over the top.

Instead of making you pay for a gym membership or fill your living room with exercise equipment, FitBit simply measures your steps, and can do so without a wearable tracker if you so wish (although they are an additional extra).

This might seem a bit trivial at first, but if you get some work colleagues or friends on the app as well, you’ll quickly find yourself getting yourself off bus and walking to and from in an effort to win the weekly challenge. This means you can return to the office the following work day and gloat in success, all whilst getting fitter in the process!



Fast, fun and easy to use, Snapchat has quickly become a staple addition to any smartphone users’ social media folder. Its intuitive messaging concept allows you to embarrass yourself for a matter of seconds by sending selfies and god knows what else to your friends in the knowledge that it will be deleted mere seconds later.

Of course you still have to be careful who you send your pictures to, as one renegade friend could well snapshot the picture and share it, although you will get word when this goes down.

You can even chat in a much more traditional text style fashion through the app as well if you’re a bit self-conscious about your latest haircut, so you needn’t worry about using your camera all the time. On top of all this, many companies are also jumping aboard the hype, posting stories and clips for you to check out when you’re on the go as well, making it a genuine source of news as well!

Who said Snapchat was just for selfies, eh?



Yeah that’s right, we know that you all have hundreds of online login accounts and only the one or two passwords! Fortunately, we aren’t planning on stealing your details anytime soon, but there are people out there that will and using those good old passwords won’t cut it for much longer.

1Password helps rid you of this impending doom by giving you a unique password for each account which you can easily copy and paste on your mobile browser for added security. This means you’ll never have to deal with some Nigerian prince getting access to your bank account, even though there’s not too much joy to be had in ours if you ask us!



You know all of those totally legitimate movies you downloaded onto your computer? (cough No, us neither cough) Well it turns out they often come in some random file types, none of which are likely to be supported by your native smartphone video player.

Lucky for you, VLC can handle all of these file types without an issue, or most of them anyway. So, if you’ve got some films which you’re eager to watch on your next journey, give VLC a go and you shouldn’t be facing any compatibility issues at all!

Just Eat

Just Eat App

Don’t worry; you’re not alone with your irrational fear of speaking with other human beings. Just Eat is an app which helps you avoid that awkward ten minute conversation with your local curry house’s cashier, by letting your order your food in a matter of seconds!

You can go through all the options, whether it’s a pizza or a korma you happen to be after, and the app even ensures you’re kept up to date with your order as well. So you can go ahead an excuse us whilst we knock a couple of days off our life expectancy by gorging ourselves with a pizza or two…

However, this won’t be making your bank account any bigger, so why not check out these money saving apps instead?


You don’t enjoy that night time ritual most other humans go through do you? Sleep, we think it’s called? Well you’d better not do with this app on your phone, that has the potential to turn your eyes square with the amount of TV you’ll be watching.

It’s not just TV you can catch on the app either, with plenty of big screen fun as well – all genres included. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to catch the latest Bradley Cooper flick or keep up with the latest series dominating your life; Netflix is perfect for any media addict.

Just don’t blame us if you end up with hallucinations due to lack of sleep!



Ever tried to grab a taxi at 3am from the city centre after a heavy night’s drinking? Well it’s not the simplest (or cheapest) of tasks. Entre Uber, the taxi app which guarantees you a ride home, all without making you queue up at an ATM.

The app allows you to book a cab without being left on hold for 10 minutes, and then tracks your ride in real time, so you can guarantee that it’s you, and not some randomer hopping in for the ride home. Linking with your PayPal or bank account, your fare is also handled automatically, so no need to haggle either!

How do these apps suit you? If you’re after something a bit more fun, then why not check out the best offline gaming apps on the market?