The Samsung Galaxy S20 series features four brand-new Samsung handsets, showcasing outstanding cameras, large batteries and crystal-clear Infinity-O displays. But what sets each S20 device apart? Explore all the differences here at e2Save.

Samsung Galaxy S20

At a glance: 6.2-inch Infinity-O display, triple-lens 64MP+12MP+12MP rear camera, 10MP front camera, 8GB RAM ,4,000 mAh battery, 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm, 163g.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 is the lowest-priced device in the S20 series, but that doesn't mean you're missing out on top specs. This premium handset has a stunning all-glass design, with Samsung's refined Infinity-O display stretching across the front. With a Quad HD+ resolution, you'll be immediately immersed in whatever you're watching, and the Samsung Galaxy S20's screen also supports a 120Hz refresh rate which means smoother gaming.


The rear camera is seriously impressive, with a 64MP telephoto lens, 12MP wide-angle lens and a 12MP Ultra Wide lens, we can see why. This triple-lens rear camera has a 30x digital zoom and 3x optical zoom, offers multiple photography modes including Live Focus for portraits and can shoot videos in an outstanding 8K, as well as 4K, Full HD and HD. If you do choose to experiment with 8K video, you'll even be able to take 33MP stills from each movie you make.

As for the tech working away behind the scenes, the Samsung Galaxy S20 has a 4,000 mAh battery, PowerShare technology, an octa-core processor and an advanced Exynos 990 chipset. Combined, you're looking at a powerful core that'll keep the S20 running without a glitch.

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G

At a glance: 6.2-inch Infinity-O display, triple-lens 64MP+12MP+12MP rear camera, 10MP front camera, 12GB RAM ,4,000 mAh battery, 151.7 x 69.1 x 7.9mm, 163g.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G is almost identical to the Samsung Galaxy S20. The difference? It's a 5G-ready phone, meaning you can connect to the ultra-fast, next generation mobile network whenever you're in an area that supports 5G. You'll also find slightly more RAM (12GB instead of 8GB) to support the demands of 5G.

5G offers faster download speeds, reduced latency and an overall more reliable performance from your chosen mobile network. The Samsung Galaxy S20 5G will cost slightly more than the regular S20, but it's a worthy investment if you're going to frequently spend time in a 5G location.


The same exceptional 6.2-inch Infinity-O display can be found on the S20 5G, and with lightning-fast downloads you can enjoy cinematic viewing on the move. There's a strong core to support handset features like AR Emoji, Bixby Routines and the built-in photo editing suite too.

You'll benefit from the same amazing 64MP+12MP+12MP rear camera, and the same 10MP front-facing camera. Effects like Live Focus help you to blur out the background on your selfies, and there's dedicated effects for shooting at night - you'll never be able to tell your photos we're shot in low-light conditions.

There's also plenty of support for gamers, thanks to the boosted RAM, advanced Exynos 990 chipset and long-lasting 4,000 mAh battery.

Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G

At a glance: 6.7-inch Infinity-O display, quad-lens 64MP+12MP+12MP+Depth Vision rear camera, 10MP front camera, 12GB RAM, 4,500 mAh battery, 161.9 x 73.7 x 7.8mm, 186g.

For a larger screen, and upgraded tech, consider the Samsung Galaxy S20+ 5G. The next in line in the series, you'll find a Quad HD+ 6.7-inch screen available on this handset, with an Ultrasonic Fingerprint scanner embedded into the display for a truly bezel-free viewing experience. Using Samsung's Infinity-O display technology, you'll only find one discreet interruption on this phone - a tiny, circle-shaped hole that houses the 10MP selfie camera.

There's an extra lens on the rear camera of the S20+. You'll notice the same 64MP telephoto lens, 12MP Ultra Wide lens and 12MP wide-angle lens, but the addition of the Depth Vision lens means you'll have more control over the amount of background blur in your images. The Quick Measure feature fully utilises this extra lens as well - just open up camera, point it at a real-life object and you'll receive the object's dimensions.


Extra camera features include Bright Night - an advanced night mode that combines 3 photos to produce the best picture possible in low light - and Night Hyperlapse. If you're fascinated by the night's sky, Night Hyperlapse will enable you to capture light trails in 8K video.

This handset is 5G-ready, so you'll be able to connect to 5G on any UK network when you're in a 5G area. Take advantage of quicker download speeds and watch Netflix on your commute, and never worry about lagging in gameplay again thanks to reduced latency. The 4,500 mAh battery will keep you going all day long, no matter how many battery-intensive tasks you're carrying out, and if a friend is running out of battery, it's easy to transfer power using PowerShare. As long as their phone is Qi-charging compatible, just place the S20+ and the other device back-to-back to begin transferring power.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra

At a glance: 6.9-inch Infinity-O display, display, quad-lens 108MP+12MP+48MP+Depth Sensor rear camera, 40MP front camera, 16GB RAM, 5,000 mAh battery, 166.9 x 76.0 x 8.8mm, 220g.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G: the most premium phone in the S20 line-up. There's a huge 108MP wide-angle lens included in the quad-lens rear camera setup, alongside a Depth Vision lens, a 48MP telephoto lens and 12MP Ultra Wide lens. Shooting from a distance is a breeze, as you'll have a 10x Hybrid Optical Zoom and 100X Super Resolution Zoom at your disposal, so you can really cut and crop photos without worrying about losing out on photo quality.

The S20 Ultra 5G also has the Bright Light and Night Hyperlapse features as the S20+ 5G, and 8K recording with Video Snap is something all S20 devices can offer. As for the front-facing camera, you'll find it hard to beat the S20 Ultra 5G's 40MP lens. If you're looking for high definition selfies and amazing quality for video calls, this phone has you covered.

The screen is one of Samsung's biggest yet. Coming in at 6.9 inches, this Quad HD+ display is the ultimate Samsung device if you love large phones. It's 5G-ready so you can browse, download and stream on the handset at amazing speeds, and the phone's 5G capabilities combined with the advanced Exynos 7nm chipset guarantee a truly seamless, efficient performance.

Even better, you'll find a 5,000 mAh battery with both PowerShare and Fast Charging included. It’ll take you a while to run out of power, but when you do you won't have to wait around long to get back up to 100%.

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