Smartphones have long been a source of endless fun, communication and happiness. But even the best of phones can leave you with egg on your face, whether it’s thanks to a fit of clumsiness or an unintentional smartphone accident.

But what are the worst mobile mishaps ready to trip you up? And more importantly, how can you avoid them? Let’s find out.

Royal flush

Phone in toilet stats

Where’s the last place you’d want to drop your phone? Of all the places to have a butter-fingers moment, there aren’t many places worse than your toilet bowl.

Even in the best of circumstances, you’re looking at a phone which will be absolutely soaked through. The worst case scario doesn’t bear discussing in a nice blog like this.

So heed this warning, or at least have a pair of marigolds at the ready.

Smartphone distraction

We’re all guilty of getting distracted by our smartphones from time to time. Whether it’s by missing the end of your favourite TV programme, or drifting into the land of Facebook during your significant other’s riveting story about work – smartphones offer too-easy a distraction.

But one thing you should always keep in mind is when NOT to get distracted. Walking, for example, is probably best to be paid its fair share of attention – what with silly things like trees, lamp-posts and roads to navigate.

Think walking with your smartphone is bad? Sometimes we can outdo ourselves with selfie fails as well.


Autocorrect mishaps

Ah autocorrect, a great little feature which keeps our grammatical errors in check and makes us all write like techno-literate versions of Shakespeare. Ok, maybe not, but it definitely puts an end to those little spelling errors which pop up on occasion.

However, sometimes we intend to write words which our smartphones don’t understand, leading them to correct us illegitimately. At least some of these mistakes end up with a few chuckles as well as embarrassment.

Siri abuse

Siri was a smart concept when it first hit our phones, and it’s gone from strength to strength, offering us useful tidbits of information which generally keep our lives going in the right direction. However, even Siri can have a bit of an off day, pulling out the odd one-liner and even straight up abusing you if you aren’t careful.

Go on, why not ask Siri what zero divided by zero is? You know what, we’ll just let you know the answer here… (You’d better get some ice ready, because you’re about to get burned)

Awkward announcement

Let’s face it, it’s not 2003 anymore, those loud and childish ringtones of mentally questionable frogs or Disney theme tunes aren’t socially acceptable anymore. Unfortunately, not everyone has got the memo, so while you’re in that job interview/cinema/meeting, there’s always a chance someone’s inappropriate ringtone is going to blast out of their speakers.

If it were up to us, we’d make it illegal to have some of those terrible ringtones which we once thought were cool…

The screensmash!

iPhone smashed screen

We’ve all got that one friend who, for some reason, can’t look after their smartphone. this means their once cutting-edge display now looks more like a spider-web.

Granted, the phone itself still works, but it doesn’t do them any favours on the looks department. Also, if you don’t have a friend like this, you’re most likely to be that friend.

The mobile hoax

iPhone hoax

For as long as there have been smartphones, there have been mischievous folk out there trying to trick us into breaking them. Whether it’s by word-of-mouth or photoshop high-jinx, you’re bound to encounter it sooner or later.

We’ll give you a clue, if someone tells you something, nay anything, about a smartphone, go onto Google and look it up – and from a professional source. Also, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Although if you believed the photo above, you may need more help than this blog can offer.