So, you’ve finally finished college and you’re headed out into the big bad world of university with that lovely student loan filling out your bank account. But how can you make sure that cash injection lasts you the semester, and avoid having to call home for a helping hand?

Well your smartphone could be the answer, with plenty of money saving apps available for students benefit. So, if you’re university bound, and aren’t the most financially savvy – here’s how to avoid dipping into your overdraft with these handy apps for students.

Use Voucher Cloud for purchases


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Let’s face it, with all that money in your bank account you’re going to splash some cash. The key is in finding a way to limit the amount you spend on each item, and that’s where Voucher Cloud comes in handy.

It displays deals on everything from textbooks and stationary to pizza and baked beans. This means that you should be able to make a saving on practically every purchase you make. It even displays its very own students section, showcasing everywhere you can use that beloved NUS discount. (Trust us; you’ll miss it when it’s gone.)

Prepare some interesting meals with Foodmatic

Foodmatic App

Student diets are one of a kind. One day you can be tucking into a juicy steak which you bought from the local supermarket on a whim, the next eating cold baked beans from a can before a night out on the town.

But you needn’t settle for a sub-par meal with the Foodmatic app. By simply inputting your ingredients, this clever app will find a way to turn them into a much more wholesome meal – albeit one which might not taste the best depending on your cooking.

So, instead of wasting money at the chip shop on the corner, why not prepare yourself a much cheaper meal with those instant noodles and frozen chicken? Foodmatic will help you find a way.

Let OnTrees help you build a budget!


Budgeting has never been easier than with the OnTrees app! By linking with all of your bank accounts, it helps keep a track on your spending to help you figure out when you should have a night in to save the pennies.

The app offers an easy way to set-up a budget, and lets you know how you can improve your spending habits, all while offering you a full overview of your finances. It even covers credit cards, so any serial shopper can benefit from it.

You can pinpoint your biggest spending habits, and even check out recent transactions on multiple accounts – giving you the most detailed look possible at all those trips to the off-license. Of course, in reality it helps massively if you’re running low on cash, by telling you where to cut down on your spending.

Get some cash back from Music Magpie

Music Magpie

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Sometimes we all splash out a bit too much, with plenty of students favouring video games, DVDs and electronics over stuff like food and bills. Luckily, you can take advantage of the Music Magpie app to recoup some of this cash before you end up dipping into the bank of Mum and Dad.

It allows you to scan barcodes of all your DVDs, video games and CDs, as well as things like clothing and higher-end electronics – offering you cash in return. All you have to do after is box all your unneeded goodies up, and let the postman handle the rest.

You never know, all of those S Club 7 CDs and Simpsons box sets might well come in handy when you’re struggling to afford your next meal.

Get back home with the Trainline App


Heading home for Christmas? You’ve somehow managed to scrape together the cash for some pretty poor presents, so why pay through the nose for a ticket home? That’s when the Trainline app can be a lifesaver.

Instead of hiding from the ticket inspector in the toilets the whole journey (which we don’t endorse), this app lets you pre-book your train tickets, making a pretty handy saving along the way. This means that you can make it back and forth despite the astronomic rise in train fares – all without having to sell any kidneys or undergo medical testing.

It even offers all the times for the upcoming trains as well, so you won’t be running late either, saving you time as well as money.