The Nokia Lumia 930 is the next high-end flagship smartphone rolling off the Nokia conveyor belt, set for a summertime release.

Featuring an array of fancy specs and features, the Lumia 930 is looking like it could be a real hit.

But what are the best built-in apps set to feature on the next Nokia smartphone? Will we get a healthy supply of useful features to use on the Windows powered handset? Let’s find out!

Nokia Glam Me

The Nokia Glam Me app is a self-portrait app with a difference, being able to automatically enhance pictures, ready to be shared.

This works superbly with the Lumia 930’s stunning 20 megapixel PureView camera, which is one of the best in the business, making for some incredibly good looking snaps.

This app can be used with either the main or front facing camera, meaning your late night party selfies, and posh dinner snaps can be enhanced with minimal fuss.

If automatic enhancement isn’t your cup of tea, the Glam Me app also allows you to show your own creative flair by manually improving pictures to make you look as good as possible.

So, if you fancy giving yourself a perfect Facebook profile picture, the Nokia Glam Me app could be ideal.

Nokia Lumia 930 PureView camera apps

Nokia Play To

Are you a more tech savvy smartphone user? Do you know your way around a DLNA connection? Well Nokia Play To could be a match made in heaven for you.

Nokia Play To allows you to show your Lumia 930’s 5″ full HD display on a larger device through DLNA, giving your smartphone a real edge on the entertainment front.

Whether it’s pictures, videos or even music, Nokia Play To can transmit your smartphone data seamlessly over to your TV, games console or laptop without any wires tying you up.

It’s also very simple to use, requiring you to make a quick connection with the device of your choice, and then instantly letting you use the app to its full potential.

So, if you like to show off all of your data, then maybe you should consider grabbing yourself a Lumia 930 this summer.

Story Teller

A brilliant built-in app that automatically groups all of your photos and videos into individual events called stories, this is ideal for the serial photo lovers out there.

It gives you the opportunity to browse through all of your ‘stories’ on your timeline, and even allows you to sort them by location, to make your pictures and videos even easier to find.

You can add captions to ‘stories’ to demonstrate or explain just exactly what went on in said place, and also lets you create lists of favourites, to highlight your favourite moments.

Story Teller really is the ideal app if you take your fair share of pictures and video and fancy trying out a new way to watch them back.

It also makes for an easy way to share your best pictures or favourite memories with friends and family, meaning that they won’t miss out on your latest holiday, even if they didn’t come along!

Story Teller on the Nokia Lumia 930

Nokia Beamer

A very similar app to Nokia Play To, Nokia Beamer works through your everyday internet connection as opposed to a DLNA connection, making it much easier for the average smartphone owner to use.

It can display pictures and video on the big screen, and can even provide real-time video streams, which are obviously ideal for a number of occasions.

Imagine taking a look at a new car and being able to wirelessly send the phone’s view straight to your partner, giving them an up close look via video?

The opportunities really are endless, and all it requires you to do is link your Nokia Lumia to your computer or smart device to get going.

So if you don’t want to tackle the DLNA connection from Nokia Play To, maybe Nokia Beamer is more down your alley.

Nokia MixRadio

We’ve saved the best ‘til last here, with Nokia MixRadio really blowing us away with its incredible features and unparalleled level of choice.

This music loving app features unlimited, ad-free music at no additional cost on top of the handset, and lets you choose from hundreds of regularly updated music mixes to cater for every taste.

You can even customise the experience if you fancy listening to certain artists or songs whether you’re online or offline.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a massive One Direction lover, or a smooth jazz fan, Nokia MixRadio will find you the perfect mix of tunes to keep you going all day, every day.

Also, all of this is available without taking up an extortionate chunk of your 32GB internal storage space, not that you’d need to worry with all that room anyway!

Nokia Mix Radio on Lumia 930

So there you have it, those are just five of the Nokia Lumia 930’s best built in apps for you to drool over before its official release this June.

Of course if you can’t wait for that long, you can always check out our other great Nokia deals right here!