The new Oppo A72 is an excellent handset, brimming with fun features and high-quality tech which is at odds with its midrange price tag. As well as a Full HD+ neo-display, the Oppo A72 houses a quad-camera assisted by AI technology, a spectacular sound system and plenty of internal storage. Explore this handset in greater detail below, as we unpack the Oppo A72’s top five features.

1. 3D Quad-curve Design

Designed to maximise comfort without compromising on style, the A72 has a 3D quad-curve back, and weighing just 192g it’s substantial to hold without feeling cumbersome in the hand. The exterior of the phone is subtle but striking, with an iridescent design that’ll catch the light in any setting, regardless of which colour scheme you go for.


You’ll find a fingerprint scanner conveniently located in the middle of the handset’s right side, so unlocking your phone or making a contactless payment with the A72 is fuss-free. In the base of the handset, there’s a standard 3.5mm headphone jack on the left-hand side, which means listening to your favourite podcasts and playlists is easy with both wired and Bluetooth headphones.

2. 6.5-inch Neo-display

Sporting a 6.5-inch Full HD+ display, the A72 offers a cinematic viewing experience that won’t disappoint. With a screen-to-body ratio of 90.5%, bezels are kept to an absolute minimum, and the A72 can achieve up to 16.7 million colours, so your movies and games will appear with vivid clarity, and can really make the most of the space.


Another feature of the A72’s neo-display is Eye Care Mode. When activated, Eye Care Mode will intelligently sense the ambient light in your environment, and automatically adjust display brightness accordingly. Paired with Dark Mode, this can dramatically reduce the amount of blue light you’re exposed to both throughout the day and in dim lighting, preventing eye strain and improving sleep in the process.

3. AI Quad Camera System

The rear camera on the A72 is a real highlight; comprised of four separate lenses, the quad camera system is also enhanced by AI technology for the best results in every shot. The 48MP main lens is perfectly positioned for capturing high-resolution images, but the 8MP ultra wide lens can capture a 119-degree field of view, ideal for budding nature photographers. Meanwhile, there are two further 2MP depth lenses which provide you with complete control over depth of focus, allowing you to zoom in for crisp closeups and take detailed portraits, with your subject always taking centre-stage in the foreground.


Whether you’re a keen photographer or videographer, there are plenty of fun features to explore – like Ultra Clear Night Mode 2.0, which will eradicate overexposure and capture clear well-lit shots in dark settings. The Oppo A72 can also capture video footage in 4K resolution, supported by Ultra Steady Video to prevent shaky shooting and Wide-Angle video to provide a more panoramic filming experience.

4. Dual Stereo Speakers

As well as the capacity to plug in with wired or wireless headphones, the Oppo A72 also sports dual stereo speakers, situated in the top and bottom of the handset for an immersive surround sound. The sound system on this handset also achieves the status of Hi-Res Audio, meaning it has a cutting-edge sample rate and audio bit depth, so you can expect a solid, well-rounded sound worthy of a smartphone with a higher pricepoint.


Dirac 2.0 sound technology is also present, which can automatically identify music, video and gaming effects, altering sound levels appropriately no matter what you’re doing. Plus, enjoy your music for longer with an impressive 5000 mAh Battery.

5. ColorOS 7.1

The A72 comes with Oppo’s bespoke operating system ColorOS7.1 installed, so you can access it the second your handset is switched on. Based on Android 10, ColorOS 7.1 is designed to streamline user experience – it’s fun and intuitive to use, and boasts any of its own features and advantages.


Brand new display mode Split Screen enables you to use two apps simultaneously – so you can keep watching Netflix while you reply to a text, or leave a web page open for reference while you type an email. Smart Sidebar is another handy feature; this simple “onscreen drawer” will provide you with fast access to your most-used and important apps, so you don’t waste time tracking them down.

If it’s time for your next handset, Oppo A72 is a great choice – with plenty of great specs for a budget-friendly price. Find great SIM-free and contract deals over at