Joining Samsung's popular A Series line-up for 2021 is the Samsung Galaxy A02s. In true A Series style, the Samsung handset brings some of the best Samsung tech to users for less.

From its 6.5-inch Infinity V display and huge 5,000 mAh battery with adaptive fast charging to the high-spec triple-lens rear camera, any Android lover after a budget-friendly upgrade is sure to be impressed by the tech onboard the A02s.

1. 6.5-inch Infinity V Display

If you're into big-screen phones, then you're going to love the 6.5-inch display on the A02s. With the smallest of bezels around the edge, this HD+ screen completely covers the front of the device for immersive viewing on-the-move or at home.


In fact, the device comes with an amazing 81.8% screen-to-body ratio, maximizing viewing space while keeping the handset size down. A tiny v-shaped notch sits at the top-centre, blending in seamlessly with the display and housing the onboard front-facing camera.

As for the picture itself, you can expect nothing less than refined, detailed viewing and vibrant, true-to-life colour.

2. Triple-lens Rear Camera

Three fantastic lenses make up the rear camera system of the Samsung Galaxy A02s. For such a budget-friendly handset, there's no denying that Samsung has pulled out all the stops for this A Series phone. Shoot with no limitations even in darker conditions with the 13MP+2MP+2MP setup.


The main 13MP camera has all the megapixels you could need to capture even the smallest details with stunning accuracy, and built-in autofocus means you can point and shoot quickly without worrying about blurry images. Meanwhile the 2MP depth camera enables you to control the amount of background blur in any photo. Switch on Live Focus and you'll suddenly be able to increase or reduce blur as much as you like - it's amazing for Portraits, and combined with the 2MP macro lens, shooting up close is easy on this smartphone.

As for the front, there's a 5MP front camera for selfies, photos with friends and video calls to loved ones living far away.

3. Ergonomic Design

Built with both usability and style in mind, this A Series phone has it all. Thanks to refined curved edges and a smooth, all-matte frame, the A02s fits snugly and comfortably in the hand. Easy to navigate due to the edge-to-edge screen keeping the overall handset size down, you'll never find yourself overstretching to utilise this Android's features either.


That all-matte rear looks the part too. The resilient plastic back is sure to catch your eye, and tucked away at the bottom of the phone you'll also find a handy 3.5mm headphone jack - perfect if you prefer to plug in, or you want to add an earphone splitter to listen with a friend.

4. Android 10 and One UI Core

The Samsung Galaxy A02s is loaded with some impressive internal tech specs, and alongside a high-tech Snapdragon 450 chipset and an Adreno GPU, you'll find the Android 10 operating system running on the handset.


It'll be ready and waiting for you straight out of the box, and to ensure you have the very best experience, Samsung has also equipped the device with One UI Core. The lighter version of Samsung's One UI system, it's kinder on memory and battery power, while still ensuring you still have access to must-have Samsung features. You'll even find handy Google apps, like Maps and Gmail, available.

5. 5,000 mAh battery

For such an affordable handset, you might be surprised to hear that there's an extremely long-lasting 5,000 mAh battery included on the Samsung Galaxy A02s. Powerful enough to keep you going from morning until night - even if you love to partake in energy-intensive tasks like gaming or streaming online - you know the A02s has your back with its cell.


When you're getting close to 0% there's no need to worry either. Plug this A Series in and charge back up to 100% quickly thanks to 15W Adaptive Fast Charging. Samsung's Adaptative Charging technology ensures your device is never overcharged either - it'll automatically stop transferring power when the device is fully charged, preserving your battery health for longer.

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