The Samsung Galaxy A41 is the latest addition to the affordable Samsung Galaxy A Series. Bursting with high-end specs, this handset has got plenty to offer, including a selection of fun photography and gaming features, all available at a midrange pricepoint. Explore our top five features of the Samsung Galaxy A41 below.

1 - Design & Display

With a 6.1-inch Infinity-U display stretching seamlessly across the screen, the Samsung Galaxy A41 offers an unforgettable viewing experience. The Full HD+ resolution enables you to stream in thrilling vivid colour and unprecedented clarity, whether it’s movies, boxsets or YouTube you watch on the go.


As well as playing host to cutting-edge display technology, the handset is built with a slim, 7.9mm design that fits easily in the hand. The sleek frame is made from a unique combination of plastic and glass, and the body is slightly curved to maximise ergonomic comfort, so you’ll never want to put it down. This handset is available in a variety of colours, but each shade features the same eye-catching prism design on the rear.

2 - Triple Lens Rear Camera System

Samsung is well-known for making camera tech a priority on its handsets, and the Galaxy A41 is no exception to this. On the rear of the handset, you’ll find an impressive camera system that wouldn’t seem out of place on Samsung’s flagship phones. The triple-lens setup is comprised of a 48MP main camera, 5MP depth control camera and an 8MP ultra wide camera – a combination that’s capable of capturing professional-grade photographs.


The depth control lens specifically allows you to adjust focus both before and after you take a shot, bringing your subject into the foreground every time, and eradicating any unsightly background noise. Meanwhile, the ultra wide lens has a 123-degree field of view that makes stunning landscapes and group shots a breeze. Over on the front of the phone, you’ll find a high-resolution 25MP selfie camera with Live Focus so you can control background blur, and a Flaw Detection feature which enables you to tweak common issues like closed eyes or overexposure.

3 - Game Booster

One of the most exciting features, Game Booster is a dedicated interface designed to make gaming a more immersive experience. It sharpens graphics quality and smooths out motion, whether it’s Fortnite, Pokémon Go or even Candy Crush that you love.


With Game Booster, you can get rid of distractions by disabling Bixby and hiding your notifications during gameplay. Need to keep an eye on the group chat? The easy pop-up panel can give you quick access to four different apps; just swipe up to activate it when you’re in portrait mode, or left if you’re playing in landscape. Game Booster will make sure you can keep playing for longer, by monitoring your handset’s temperature and memory usage – it’ll even optimise your battery by learning how the game runs on your handset.

4 - 3,500 mAh Battery

Samsung knows that high-functioning essentials are just as important as fun features, and that’s why the Galaxy A41 is fitted with a long-lasting 3,500 mAh cell to keep your handset going all day long. So, whether you’re navigating a new city, online shopping or listening to a podcast on your commute home, you’ll never be caught off-guard with a flat battery.


Powering up is quick and easy too with the capacity for up to 15W of Fast Chargin. Just hook your Galaxy A41 up to the Samsung Adaptive Fast Charger (sold separately), and you can get back up to 50% charge in as little as 30 minutes.

5 - On-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

The slick design of the Galaxy A41 is virtually bezel-free, so you’ll find on-screen fingerprint scanner technology embedded in the display itself. This form of biometric authentication is completely secure, but easy to unlock by placing your finger lightly over the scanner when it appears.


The phone is also kitted out with defence-grade security software, fully integrated with the onboard operating system, called Samsung Knox. This program offers multi-layer protection, which keeps your most personal details safe.

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