With its unique rotating camera system and impressive Infinity Display, the Samsung Galaxy A80 is a fantastic device to choose as your next handset - especially when you consider the price. Part of Samsung's affordable A series, the A80 offers great specs for less - and it's available today from e2Save.

1 - Rotating triple-lens camera

The triple-lens camera system on board the Samsung Galaxy A80 is definitely a standout feature, not only because of its large megapixel offering, but due to the fact it has a unique rotating element too. You won't find a separate front-facing camera, the A80's rear camera slides up and flips round so it can be used for insanely detailed selfies instead.

The triple-lens camera on the A80 has a 48MP main camera, 8MP ultra-wide camera and a 3D Depth Camera with a Time of Flight sensor. The ultra-wide camera offers a 123-degree field of view which is exactly like that of the human eye. Capture more in one shot, and never miss out on the details.


The ToF sensor measures depth of field with accuracy and means Samsung's Live Focus and Quick Measure features are available on the A80. Live Focus can be used on photos or videos, letting you blur out the background, so the subject of the shot or film is in focus. Quick Measure, meanwhile, is super handy, using AR technology you can point the A80's camera at an object and receive real-time measurements - ideal if you need to work out if your sofa will fit in a new space, for example.

2 - 6.7-inch Infinity Display

The Samsung Galaxy A80 sports a huge 6.7-inch Infinity Display that really does stretch across one edge of the device to the other. There are no bezels or no notches in sight, just an uninterrupted Full HD+ Super AMOLED screen to stream movies, edit photos and browse the web with.


Offering an immersive, cinematic experience, the large display uses the entire front of the device to keep dimensions down. Samsung has added an on-screen fingerprint scanner to the A80, creating a seamless design and providing a fast yet secure way of accessing the handset.

3 - Super Fast Charging 3,700 mAh battery

Powering the A80 is a large 3,700 mAh battery, designed to keep you connected for as long as possible. Created with 25W Super Fast Charging technology, this Android phone is capable of powering you up to 50% in less than 30 minutes - you'll never have to wait around for hours to charge up again.


The more you use the Samsung Galaxy A80, the more efficient the handset's battery will get. The phone will learn your daily routine and usage patterns, closing down unused apps and optimising how the handset uses power to reflect the way you use your device.

4 - Multi-task with Multi Window

Ever wanted to send a message back to a friend without clicking off the YouTube video you're currently watching? With Samsung's Multi Window, you can.

Available on the Samsung Galaxy A80, you'll have the power to do more at once. It's a really useful feature you're sure to love, and you can view a wide combination of apps simultaneously to help you improve productivity and avoid interruptions.


You can pin your favourite windows and tasks to the right-hand side of your phone screen as well for even quicker access.

5 - Bixby on board

Samsung's intelligent assistant Bixby is available on the Samsung Galaxy A80, with a tonne of features designed to make your experience even better.

Bixby Routines is a feature all users should take advantage of. We've already mentioned the handset intelligently learns your routines, and the A80 uses this data to create customised routines based on your usage.

For example, if you also switch on Night Mode, turn your device to silent and set an alarm at a certain time of the day before bed, a routine can be created to do each task automatically. Want to connect your phone automatically to your car via Bluetooth and start your morning playlist as you turn on your vehicle before driving to work? The A80 can do that too with Bixby Routines.


You can also customise Bixby Routines, so you'll have the freedom to create your own to meet your needs perfectly.

Bixby Vision is a must too. Using AI and AR, just point the A80's camera an object, building or even a paragraph of text and Bixby will get to work. You can shop for items you see in real life online, Bixby can translate text for you instantly, you can create a digital copy of text found in a book with a few taps and opening times, reviews and more information about restaurants, shops and even landmarks can be found in seconds.

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