Just months after the release of the Galaxy S3, Samsung fans are already feeling optimistic towards the future releases in the Galaxy range. With the announcement that Samsung plan to announce the next Galaxy device next month, we pin our hopes on the hotly tipped Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release to grace the stage.

What is the Samsung Galaxy Note?

Is it a phone, is it a tablet? The original Samsung Galaxy Note was one of the first devices to be coined a “phablet”; a hybrid of phone and tablet due to its moreish screen size. Launched last October, the Note housed a supersized 5.3 inch display; an entire inch larger than the Galaxy S2.

With a multitasking friendly 1.4 GHz dual core processor, and sharp 1080p HD video record, the Note presents itself as a very desirable piece of kit. One of the more noticeable features of the Note however is its stylus pen that lets you crop, annotate and doodle with ease. Phabulous!

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**Samsung Galaxy Note - Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release

Samsung Galaxy Note 2, what’s new?

The latest rumours around the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release suggest a larger 5.5 inch display. Since the S3 now hosts a larger display than its 4.3 inch predecessor, it’s highly expected that the Note 2 will also upsize to maintain clear boundaries between the two Galaxy ranges.

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The rumoured Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release may also house the same 1.4GHz quad core processor as the Samsung Galaxy S3, so you can push the limits of gaming and entertainment on a larger display. Depending upon its release date, the Note 2 may dazzle the latest Android Jelly Bean OS features, though don’t expect Android’s latest OS to come pre-installed on the device before existing Samsung Galaxy S3 users have the pleasure of downloading the update.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 release for UK?

Samsung Electronics America plan to announce a new Galaxy device on the 15th August. Could it be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2? We’ll have to sit tight on this side of the Atlantic for the full details. Even if there is no official announcement of the Galaxy Note 2 in August, expect to hear a UK announcement before Christmas.

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