***UPDATED SEPTEMBER 2014: **The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is now available! With a 5.7-inch display with built-in fingerprint scanner and handwriting recognition, the Note 4 looks set to be the best phablet yet. *

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**With the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 having been with us for a good while now, we’re still incredibly happy with it. Not only is the Note 4 be bigger than the Note 3, but we are also thrilled **with all the new features we’ve got too.

So here’s a run-down of the five key features we love from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

1.     Its Larger Curved Display

OK, so it might be a more limited version of the Note 4, but the Note Edge’s curved display is definitely a thing of beauty. Moving on from the Galaxy Round’s curved screen, the Note Edge makes terrific use of its display by adding some practicalities to it.

Note Edge

Using its Edge Display as a ticker, you can get all of your notifications quickly, whilst the device itself does all of the normal work alongside it, so you won’t need to leave an app just to read that junk email you just received!

Also, with the added size of the Galaxy Note display (now 5.7″), there’s still plenty of room for you to watch movies, play games or simply browse your handset, even with the extra slanted area otherwise occupied. So, even if you’re a massive multi-tasker, you won’t be struggling with the Note!

2.     The 16 Megapixel Camera

Let’s face it; as soon as you’ve picked up a new phone and played around with it for a bit, the next thing you do is to check out its camera. And this is why we were absolutely thrilled with the 16 megapixel rear snapper on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4.

The Note 3 dished up a respectable 13MP lens previously, which received widespread acceptance within the market. However, with the Samsung Galaxy S5 hitting the market with a 16MP camera in tow, the Note 4 simply went ahead and matched it, much to our joy.

The Note range has quickly become a household name for technology fans, and having a good camera is a key part of its performance, so including an improved 16 megapixel effort hasn’t hurt its chances of becoming one of the best phones on the market. In fact, with this addition it could make the Note 4 the best camera phone in Samsung’s entire smartphone range.

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3.     Handwriting Recognition

This Samsung Galaxy Note 4 feature might not be the handiest, but it is undoubtedly cool. The Note range of large screened smartphones is the only one of its kind to come with a stylus embedded in the handset itself. And what better feature is there on the Note 4 than handwriting recognition functionality for the S-Pen?

Note 4 Handwriting

Although features like this don’t always make for high usage rates, they definitely help if you plan on adding a personal touch to a message. Much better than a half-hearted emoji!

4.      Its Timeless and Friendly Design

It might not be the metal clad effort many of the fans wanted, but Samsung has pulled all the stops out to ensure that the Note 4 looks and feels like one of the best mobile phones on the market.

The major advantage to the plastic construction (which does have a metallic trim for those naysayers out there) is that it brings with it an IP68 certification, meaning that if you drop your Galaxy Note in the sink, you won’t be fishing out a paperweight.

Just like the Samsung Galaxy S5, you can submerge the handset to around a metre’s depth for half an hour, so it goes without saying that it doesn’t make the Note 4 invulnerable.Sure it’ll survive a brief splash, but don’t think you can take it scuba diving…

5.     Fingerprint scanner

Apple may have started the fingerprint scanning trend with its iPhone 5s, but Samsung wasn’t far behind with its own version of the kit on the Galaxy S5. So it came as no surprise to see the same feature make the cut on Samsung’s larger model.

The fingerprint scanner on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 enables users to do far more than just unlock their phones. Working alongside app developers, Samsung’s fingerprint technology lets you pay for apps, enter passwords and access all of your secure data you keep on your phone. And all of this, teamed with a large screen and S Pen stylus, means you won’t have to touch your laptop ever again!