**Curved phones have been around for some time now thanks to the LG G flex and the Samsung Galaxy Round. **But curved screen technology seems to have taken a different turn, as demonstrated by the  Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge which has been released alongside the standard S6 flagship.

But just how good is this new curved screen Samsung smartphone? Can it take the mantle as the best Samsung phone on the market? Or will its curved screen design find its way into the smartphone bargain bin? Let’s take a look with our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Review.

Curved Samsung Galaxy design

S6 Edge Gold

You might have guessed already, but the Galaxy S6 Edge boasts one major difference to its Samsung compatriot – and that’s the dual edge displays which feature on either side of the screen. Although the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge featured a similar screen, the S6 Edge takes things one step further, bringing the curved screen to not just one, but both sides of the handset.

When it comes to design, both the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge include full metal construction at long last, something Samsung fans have been practically begging for over the past few years. But while the move has been received well, some will be disappointed to see the loss of the MicroSD card slot, waterproof protection and removable battery, all of which featured on the previous model.

Regardless of this, the Galaxy S6 looks good, and we mean really good. The curved display is arguably the best we’ve seen, and the metallic construction is a masterpiece – albeit one which does take away some practicalities.

So what are the benefits of the S6 Edge having a curved display? Let’s take a look.

Satisfying your entertainment needs with the Galaxy S6 Edge

If there’s one thing that the S6 Edge is good at, it’s entertainment. With such a big and sharp display (5.1” QHD if you were wondering), the S6 Edge is the perfect smartphone for handling all of your movie and gaming needs.

S6 Edge Display

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Offering four times as many pixels as standard HD screens, you’ll be able to see every feather fly in a game of Angry Birds, or get a lovely QHD close up of your most loved TV characters from your favourite soap. On top of this, by using one of your edge displays as a media player, you’ll also get an independent menu to pause, play and rewind for all of your streaming needs.

The gaming doesn’t have to stop for long with the S6 Edge either – the smartphone sports a sizable 2,600mAh battery packing plenty of power, enhanced by Android Lollipop’s Project Volta feature and Samsung’s own Ultra-Power Saving mode. Plus, by utilising fast-charge technology, you’ll be able to recover 4 hours of battery life from just 10 minutes plugged in, putting an end to lengthy charging times. If you want, you can even charge the S6 Edge wirelessly; that way if you end up playing a mammoth game of Flappy Bird, you can place it right back down afterwards and it will begin charging right away- talk about efficient.

Finally, with 32GB, 64GB or 128GB storage options available on the S6 Edge, you’ll have a huge amount of memory to dip into as well. Just make sure you make- the right choice when you buy it, as there’s no backtracking with the absence of a memory card slot.

How to use the Galaxy S6 Edge display

S6 Edge Glow

We’ve already mentioned how the S6 Edge display can be used to satisfy your entertainment needs, but what else can it do? Luckily, Samsung is making sure that it’s not for display purposes only, as it actually packs in some useful features.

Unlike the Note Edge display, it doesn’t work completely independently to the main display. Giving access to quick contacts, or as Samsung likes to call it ‘My People’, you can quickly access some chosen friends and family to contact by sliding across from the edge of the screen.

On top of that, you can colour code each contact so that when the phone’s face down, you’ll see the surface underneath the edge displays glow to match a certain contact’s colour when they call or text you. Plus, if you miss a notification, a coloured tab will appear on the edge display for you to get instant access to that contact’s message.

Finally, if you have night clock mode active, the edge display will also show the time using its ‘always-on’ feature, which burns minimal battery as well. Whilst not being a ground-breaking feature, we can assure you that it’s extremely handy when you happen to wake up in the night and can’t quite make out your clock.

Samsung Galaxy camera fun

Let’s face it, camera based smartphone apps are taking over our lives. In fact, we can’t even imagine going 24 hours without checking our Instagram or Snapchat feeds, so a good camera phone is  a must. And luckily, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does just the job.

With an improved 16 megapixel rear facing lens, the Galaxy S6 Edge definitely meets our requirements with its camera. Plus, with a lightning fast camera app to play with, you can get to your viewfinder faster than ever, making sure that those un-missable moments can be captured straight away.

With the selfie craze continuing to take over our daily routines, you’ll also be happy to find a 5 megapixel front facing lens on the S6 Edge. This powerful snapper is capable of taking some high quality selfies, which will have you considering a career change into the modelling profession.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge review

Whilst some die hard Samsung fans might question the move to get rid of MicroSD Card support, waterproof protection and removable batteries, most will find the S6 Edge a much needed improvement over the Galaxy S5. It’s definitely fun to use and also offers plenty of top notch features that will keep you happy regardless of your situation.

So, if you’re after a smartphone that can play games, show off your media in stunning QHD quality, charge in record low times and do all of this whilst looking ridiculously stylish, we think that the Galaxy S6 Edge could be for you.

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