**It’s been a little bit quiet on the tablet front so far this year, with smartphones taking the majority of the limelight, but is Samsung about to change that? **The Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has silently crept its way onto the market without making as much as a peep.

But we’ve decided to shine some light on Samsung’s latest tablet, giving you all of the juicy details so you can decide what’s new, and whether it’s worth picking up!

Not one but three Samsung tablets!

If we’ve learnt anything from Samsung, it’s that the manufacturer never does anything by halves, and is true more now than ever as Samsung has revealed not one, but three new tablets including a 7”, 8” and 10.1” variety.

All three slates will host quad-core 1.2GHz chipsets, moving up from dual-core efforts we saw in the Tab 3, and offering a brilliantly high speed performance. The three tablets do vary when it comes down to memory, though compared to its predecessor, the Tab 4 sports an improved 1.5GB RAM and 8GB/16GB of internal memory.

Will the Galaxy Tab 4 be a Success?

So let’s take a closer look at what the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 has to hold…

Galaxy Tab 4 Design

Samsung has really gone all out on the latest batch of designs for the Galaxy Tab range, really improving on what was already a reliable and fashionable style. All three tablets have gained a more professional and stylish squared off look, but keeping rounded and smooth corners for added comfort, similar to what Apple has done with the iPad Air and iPad Mini. (Check out our iPad Air Vs iPad Mini: Size Matters)

**Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7.0

The tablet has trimmed down in both weight and thickness, shaving off almost a whole millimeter around the waist and 30 grams in weight. Thinner bezels have been introduced on all three models, making more of the 7-inch display, and making the overall handset smaller as a result, which is always a welcome change!

When it comes to design, Samsung has mixed things up yet again, giving the Tab 4 a slightly textured back casing available in black or white, compared to the Tab 3’s smooth shiny case. As a whole, this change makes the Tab 4 look a lot more premium than its older brother.

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Samsung Features

The main difference between the new Samsung tablet and its predecessor is its user interface. The Tab 4 has been given a fresh lick of paint thanks to the Android KitKat operating system and Samsung’s updated version of TouchWiz. This makes the whole tablet look more colourful and simpler to use, mainly due to the larger app icons making their way onto the screen.

samsung galaxy tab 4 group play

One useful feature that has joined the Galaxy Tab 4 is Kid Mode, which allows you to secure your personal information on the tablet, as well as letting any little ones play to their heart’s content on your device! If you use your tablet for business, you’ll also be pleased to hear that with the Hancom Editing Tool you can view and edit all spreadsheets, word documents and presentations. Plus, if you’ve got another Samsung device, you can easily transfer all of your photos, music and documents from one to another with the Group Play feature.

Tab 4 Price

You can pick up the 7-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 for just £239 SIM free, or from £20 on a contract deal. Though with many tablets being given away as free gifts with contracts, you could get your hands on a Samsung tablet for free! Take a look at all of the free tablets you can choose as a free gift.