The latest reasonably priced smartphone from LG is here and is aptly named the LG Joy. If saving a ton of cash is a high priority for you then the LG Joy is well worth splashing out on.

Joyous LG Joy Specs

The 4-inch touch sensitive screen crams in an impressive 233 pixels per inch giving an overall crisp looking display for all your messages, calls and games. Make a downward swipe on the screen with your finger and Glance View is activated, giving you a sneaky peak at the time, your recent messages and your missed calls.

In-Cell Touch Display technology has been used on the LG Joy and is a great bragging point as this tech is usually reserved for premium phones only. Delivering minimised bezels which in turn make the phone look slimmer and bringing images closer to the surface of the screen for better outdoor readability, plus a faster touch response, no-one will know but you just how little you have spent or how much you have saved!

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Save or Save More? 3G vs 4G

The intuitive user interface offers an effortless user experience with a balance of style and usability. This is uncompromised by your choice to save or save more by choosing the 3G version over the 4G version. After all if you don’t live, work or play in a city centre then the extra expense that 4G procures is probably a waste of your hard earned cash.

LG Joy Blue

Both variants of the LG Joy, however, have Wi-Fi connectivity for the home, meaning you can connect to the net whenever you’re in a Wi-Fi zone. The 4G version of the Joy boasts a metallic back cover while extreme savers get a patterned plastic back cover on the 3G version.

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Selfies and Fist Pumping

The 5 megapixel camera is a great tool for everyday photography and one shot captures 2592 x 1944 pixels, which is plenty for sharing or showing off the results on a PC, laptop or TV.

The VGA (0.3 megapixel) selfie camera has an entertaining twist with the Gesture Shot function. With this feature you can use a hand gesture to activate a 3 second countdown timer giving your Jersey Shore-styled fist pumping a practical application both on and off the dance floor.

Gesture shot on the LG Joy can help you snap those selfies in double time!

Gesture Shot has been further improved since its conception and first use on LG’s last flagship smartphone. And it gets better- gestures can now be recognised from further away at up to 1.5 metres to accommodate for the use of selfie sticks!

** **Endless Entertainment in your Pocket

** **The small size of the handset (123 x 64 x 12mm) makes the LG Joy pocket friendly and endless entertainment is available with free apps, games, books and music downloadable along with paid content from Google Play. The Android KitKat experience is powered along by a 1.2GHz dual-core processor enabling YouTube video streaming and the playing of graphically intense games.

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