Whether you’ve just woken up after a crazy party the night before or about to head into the most important presentation of your career, the selfie is now common place. In fact, it’s so popular, it’s now become a form of income for some of the most popular Snapchat users, who make money by selling adverts in their latest shots.

But what apps can you use to turn that selfie into a Mona Lisa-esque masterpiece? How can you make the whole selfie taking process easier than ever before? Thankfully, we’ve found five apps that could be the answer to these questions, so phones at the ready, here they come!


CamMe App

CamMe is an app that’s ideal for taking the best selfies possible, all without requiring you to be anywhere near your smartphone or tablet. By using simple hand gestures, your camera can recognise when you want the timer on the app to start counting down, so you can plan the perfect picture.

Requiring you to lift your hand and then clench a fist, the app then begins a countdown for you and your friends to gather up and make a pose. This obviously makes it easier to get a larger selfie than normal, and also means you’re less likely to do yourself injury when you’re straining your arm to fit everyone in shot!

Its user interface is simple and easy to use, whilst the app also packs a handy set of photo editing options if you don’t quite like the way your snap has come out. Plus, with FunShot and PhotoBooth mode also included, you aren’t restricted to the average everyday pictures with the CamMe app.

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Selfie Cam

Selfie Cam

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One of the most famous selfie apps on our list, Selfie Cam gives you the opportunity to take the perfect selfie every time. Utilising face detection technology, you can trigger a picture to be taken by simply smiling into the camera, much like the hand gesture style seen in CamMe.

But the fun doesn’t stop there! Thanks to the inclusion of dozens stickers and frames, you can then make sure that your selfie stands out from the crowd. Fancy busting out some shades? Easy peasy. Need to add a funny speech bubble? You can do that as well!

Being linked to many of the most popular social networks, you can instantly post any pictures taken with Selfie Cam online. Whilst editing features aren’t really the core of this app, you can still make some changes, but in general, it’s the fun aspect of selfies you’ll be getting with this free app.


MomentCam App

Ever wondered what you’d look like if you were a cartoon character? Well you can’t get much closer that using the MomentCam app, which uses your selfie to create a personalised drawn caricature.

The app lets you alter the design, style and even add text bubbles to your brand new cartoon self, meaning you can turn even the most boring selfie into a hilarious new animation styled snap. Also, you can edit your own cartoon face as you see fit as well, effectively turning you into your own illustrator!


Picr app

No need for an old time written diary anymore! With Picr, you can set a reminder to take a daily, weekly or monthly selfie to use as a sort of interactive photo based diary.

By taking pictures over a set period of time, these selfies can then be turned into a video of sorts, similar to that of a timelapse style movie. The Picr app even lets you add music to these videos for an added effect.

Whilst editing options aren’t quite up there with the best, Picr does create a great way to share a collection of selfies with friends and relatives and is ideal for capturing your memories in a stylish way!


FaceTune App

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Sometimes our selfies don’t come out quite right (in fact, that’s most of the time!), but thankfully the FaceTune app is here to save us all from those dreadful selfies which crop up from time to time. Acting like a form of Photoshop for your phone, you can effectively turn your less than perfect hangover selfie into one worthy of featuring on the front page of Cosmo magazine!

OK, maybe we’re going a bit over the top, but the FaceTune app is definitely a great selfie editing tool. It can smooth out wrinkles, whiten teeth and handle all of those little imperfections we’re all sure to find on our latest picture.

FaceTune basically helps you take your selfie taking game to the next level, and as long as it isn’t vastly overused, comes through realistically. So if you’re struggling to find the right picture for your Facebook profile, why not give FaceTune a go?

There you have it! Five great apps that are ideal for not only improving your selfies, but making them easier than ever to take! We guess it’s time to get your Instagram feed ready for all this selfie fun!