The selfie stick is a craze which is sweeping the globe, quickly putting an end to those clumsy snaps which often come out looking like they’ve been taken by the Cookie Monster in the midst of a sugar rush. But after you’ve taken a couple thousand selfies from all kind of angles, what else can you use your selfie stick for?

If you’re after the answer to this life-defining question then you’re in the right place! So get your Instagram feeds and Snapchat stories ready, we’re about to find out just how you can put that selfie stick to work.

For group selfies

Selfie Stick Group

You’ve already exhausted pretty much every possible angle you could find in each room of your house with those individual selfies, so why not draft in some help?

Group selfies used to be a real chore to take, often involving getting the person in the middle to reach out as far as humanly possible to cut off one unlucky friend’s head in their snap. But with a selfie stick things are a whole lot easier.

You can pick and choose who makes the cut – favouring some of your less attractive friends to make you look better or drafting in some more popular personalities for a couple of extra Facebook likes. The opportunities are truly endless.

For those ‘hard to reach’ shots

#magaluf #mallorca perfects the use of selfie sticks 😳

— Corker in Majorca (@corkerinmajorca) May 3, 2015

Our arms can only move so far, even the most flexible of photographers has a limit (damn you human evolution). So, unless you happen to be Stretch Armstrong or Mr Fantastic, a selfie stick can come in handy when you fancy snapping a hard to reach location. Whether it’s the back of your head to check your barber hasn’t done a number with your latest trim, or your back side for whatever reasons these girls had in mind, a selfie stick should be able to help you out…

For bigger instafood snaps

Food selfies Spent all of your money on expensive meals? Not to worry, you can still grab a bargain with these cheap selfie smartphone deals! We all like taking pictures of our food, don’t we? It doesn’t matter if it’s your mum’s Christmas dinner or that omelette you’ve made which looks like Elvis Presley, it’s always worth a picture. Of course, it can be a bit of a problem if you happen to have a meal which is a bit too sizeable for your traditional snaps. Thankfully, selfie sticks, if positioned correctly, can help those with a bigger appetite capture everything that’s soon to be giving them indigestion. Just try and make sure you don’t post the picture before we’ve had our dinner, otherwise we can’t be held responsible for our comments.

For more inventive mirror snaps

Mirror selfie stick Do you remember the days we used to have to use a mirror to capture a half-decent selfie? Those days are dead and gone right? Well, maybe not if you’re this selfie stick user… Some people never learn…

For self-defence

Selfie stick Walking around with a baseball bat, crowbar or taser is always a bit suspect, and likely to get you in trouble with your local bobbies. But swap that out for a selfie stick and you’ll be free to trot right in front of your local police station without issue! So, if someone was to come up and start a fight after you decide to snap a stranger selfie with them then you already have a way of protecting yourself. Plus, to ensure you aren’t wrongly arrested, you can even video the entire event using the stick as well – now that’s what you call multitasking.

For more awful pictures

[#selfiestick #practice #noteasy]( A photo posted by Geena Henebery (@geehenners) on

You don’t need a degree in photography to be able to take a decent selfie, however you wouldn’t think that after seeing some of the shots which have come from selfie stick toting smartphone users.

It seems that even with a stick for assistance, some of us just can’t take a good snap…

For artsy-fartsy shots


Sure this selfie is pretty amazing, but there are also some terrible ones as well, check out the 15 biggest selfie fails here.

This reason is for those who decided to take a photography degree. Whilst selfie sticks were originally designed for ease of use, they also open the door for some more creative shots, both good and bad.

Some of them look like they’ve been conceived by someone who’s had one too many bangs to the head, but the others actually come out rather well. Either way, it’s definitely more inventive than some snaps which we spot on Facebook…

For culling some of our less gifted colleagues

Our fellow human beings aren’t always the brightest bunch, especially after a few pints. Luckily selfie sticks are doing their part to help teach show them the error of their ways, capturing numerous videos of deserved pain.

None are more effective than this clip of a happy-go-lucky student who’s likely to show some more respect to the selfie stick in the future…

For a makeshift backscratcher

3 in 1 : selfie stick, back scratcher and rod n reel

— MARIANA (@darianemariana) December 29, 2014

You know that spot right in the middle of your back, just underneath your shoulder blades you can never reach? Your selfie stick can.

No more picking up sticks from the floor or breaking social boundaries by asking complete strangers to scratch your back. With a selfie stick in your possession, you’ll never struggle to scratch an itch again.

For when life is mean to your legs


Yeah, climbing over that fence doesn’t seem like such a smart idea after you’ve fallen off it and developed a lovely limp for your troubles does it? Equally, isn’t exercise meant to be good for us?

If your legs have seen better days then you could always extend your selfie stick to create a makeshift walking stick! You might end up scuffing the end of it on the ground, but you’ll get some relative comfort after your poor life decisions have affected your stride.