So you’ve come to the end of that monstrous smartphone contract you decided to take out on a whim two years ago, you’re finally free of any constraints of a particular network and it’s time to start thinking about what to do next.

You’ve gotten all giddy with excitement when you’ve had a look online at all the new phones on offer, but after some research you’ve quickly realised that you don’t actually like any of the newer phones as much as your good old trusty Samsung, HTC or iPhone 4s. So, where do you go from here? The answer, either temporarily or long term, is to get a SIM Only contract!

Here are the advantages of SIM only contracts.

What is SIM Only?

A SIM Only deal is exactly what it says on the tin: a pay monthly phone contract which comes with just a SIM card and not with a phone in tow.

One of the biggest selling points of a SIM only deal is just how low the prices are compared to your standard phone deals. Too often are brand new flagships flaunted with price tags which would make even the likes of Bill Gates and his absurd bank account shudder. So instead of pawning off your wedding ring, re-mortgaging the house and drawing some cash out of your savings for the latest flagship model, why not tighten your belt and stick with your current handset?

SIM only options are typically cheaper than standard phone contracts as there is no monthly fee to cover the cost of your ‘free’ handset. This means that your monthly bill can be dramatically reduced even if you have the same tariff as you did with your previous deal!

Sim Cards Cash

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A flexible SIM deal

Most standard mobile phone contracts are about as flexible as a cast iron girder. SIM only plans, however, are much more consumer friendly, giving you plenty of options to choose from with a contract to suit you.

Most mobile phone subsidised deals tend to tie you down with a lengthy two year contract, often with terms and conditions which would take you the best part of the deal to read through. SIM only contracts are a polar opposite though, spanning from as little as a month with a rolling plan to a 12 month contract. This means that you can sort out a cheaper deal over those more financially stringent months and then splash out on a fancier tariff when you can afford it, all without those ghastly cancellation fees put in place on longer deals.

Get a phone upgrade more often

We all love that feeling when you’re at the end of your mobile phone contract and can finally consider picking up a shiny new phone and chuck out your previous handset. But what if you could have that feeling on a more regular basis?

Without paying any handset costs each month, SIM only deals let you switch up your smartphone however often you want without. So, one day, depending on how flush you’re feeling, you could have an iPhone 6, the next a Samsung Galaxy S6- you can even go ahead and rekindle your love with your old Nokia 3210 if you really wanted to!

Of course you will have to fund these handsets one way or another, so it certainly won’t be cost effective to change phones every month. But if you find yourself with an itch to get a new smartphone more often than most people, a pay monthly SIM could suit you down to the ground.

Survive that mobile phone credit check!

If you don’t have the credit to score yourself one of today’s latest flagship smartphones, a SIM only plan could be the best way to go for a good tariff. Whilst grabbing the latest iPhone requires some pretty stringent checks on your earnings and financial record, a SIM only deal is often way more forgiving when it comes down to a credit check, and that’s all down to the fact that you’re not forking out for a pricey handset, but just a package of minutes, texts and data instead.

Not only will you be able to actually get the contract in the first place with a not-so-great credit rating, but having a SIM only contract is also a brilliant way of building up that credit score, as long as you meet payments on time of course. That way, by the end of your SIM only contract, you might find that you can successfully apply for that shiny new phone you’ve had your eye on after all.

Plus, by setting up limits and warnings with your network, you can ensure that you never exceed your contracted minutes, texts and data, meaning you’ll never pay a penny more than you’re supposed to!

SIM Only for Tablet

Size really does matter with some people; the likes of the iPhone 6, Galaxy S6 and even the Galaxy Note handsets are big enough for some, but not for everyone. If you want as big a touch screen as you can get your hands on, then why not stick your SIM only contract into a tablet?

If you’re often out and about with your tablet, picking up a data only SIM could be handy to give you access to the net wherever you are. Plus, with loads of 4G SIM only options out there you can surf the web at superfast speeds!

Tablet Sim Card

No up-front costs

Up-front costs aren’t exactly what we’d call a nice surprise when it comes down to contract deals. In fact, paying cash up front as well as having a monthly charge is downright mean in our books!

Lucky for you SIM only deal hunters out there, you’ll be hard pressed to find a deal which does cost you a lump sum off the bat. Even with a free gift on top of your deal, most plans are still free to take out, with only the monthly cost to fork out for.

Act Fast! Death of the SIM card?

With all of these positives, it might come as a surprise to hear that the sim card could well be on its way to an early grave. Rumour has it that Apple is looking into ways to do away with the concept of SIM cards entirely, developing a built-in SIM card for iPhones which let consumers change provider easier than ever. But while a built-in SIM card could transform the way we can switch networks, it might make it harder to make the break from our handsets. So if you don’t act fast, you could miss out on a sim only plan like the ones we see today!

We stock plenty of great SIM only deals right here, so if you don’t want to miss out on some of these brilliant benefits, make sure to take a look!