Do you like to feel liberated? Are you a bit of a commitment-phobe? Or maybe you just like to save yourself a bit of money? If the answer to any of these questions is yes then read on…

When I took out my last phone contract, I felt ‘I needed’ to have the handset of the moment as it was on trend and fashionable. Some 18 months later I realised this wasn’t the case anymore, yet was locked to my 24 month contract! With 6 months left to pay, the thought of paying £40 (yes £40!) for those remaining months annoyed me to say the least. I rang up the network a number of times to see if I could swap phones earlier or drop my tariff to something a little cheaper as I was a poor student. Inevitably I was met by a “No”. Those six months passed slowly but eventually my contract was finished. Hurrah!

It was then I discovered the answer to my mobile phone prayers, a SIM only tariff! Being a bit of a commitment-phobe, the thought of taking out another 24 month contract, filled me with dread; especially as I couldn’t decide on a new handset straight away. Choosing SIM only provided me with an immediate & cheap alternative to committing to a long & tiresome contract phone deal. The SIM only tariff provides me with more than enough minutes, texts and internet data, without the commitment of being tied to an exhaustive two year contract. My SIM only is a rolling 12 month deal costing only £10.50pm, similar to choosing your contract you can choose from a wide variety of networks and tariffs that suit your mobile needs down to a T.

Since getting my SIM only deal a few months ago, I have decided on a handset which I paid for in full and just popped my SIM only tariff inside. I would definitely recommend a SIM only tariff, if like me you can’t decide on your future handset. Alternatively, you may need a SIM only tariff to tick over whilst you wait for an upcoming release.

Available in standard and micro-SIM size, SIM only tariffs are available on the latest handsets such as the iPhone 4S, which is great if you would rather pay for your handset out right and then purchase a mirco-SIM deal for as little as £10.50 per month on a 12 month rolling contract.

Why choose SIM only? Because it’s cool to save money!Sim Only Deals

Being a poor student and having the flexibility of a SIM only tariff is ideal, particularly as I am prone to losing my phone on a night out. I can easily pop my SIM card into a cheap second handset for a night out and then I don’t have the worry of losing a handset worth more money than my student overdraft facility! A number of my fellow student friends have also opted for SIM only deals as it’s harder to pass a network credit check when not in full time employment. With a double dip recession becoming more of a possibility and many people losing their jobs & having money woes, opting for a SIM only seems like the sensible thing to do, particularly if you need to tighten your purse strings.

Having a SIM only deal is also ideal for anyone who likes to travel from time to time, as 1 month only SIM are available. If you plan to leave the country for a month or two, you don’t want to be paying £40pm on a contract that isn’t in use. If you do use your contract whilst you’re out the country, let me tell you, you’re likely to be facing an unwanted surprise in the form of a hefty bill upon your return. If like me you do enjoy travelling or have friends and family abroad, an international SIM only deal is certainly something you should consider.

So there you have it, I have gone through a number of reasons why SIM only works well for me. If you’re against a lengthy contract or just want to avoid spending lots of money, check out these SIM only deals and see if you can find the right SIM only tariff for you!