Advertising is big business, so it’s no wonder smartphone companies pour several hundred times our yearly salaries into their TV ads – in an effort to bring in customers. But with so much money getting thrown at them, which smartphone ads really stand out?

To re-jog your memory, we’ve put together 10 of our favourite smartphone adverts. Ranging from the funny to the downright amazing, these ads help these phones top the pile.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – ‘Unleash your fingers’

Who said you have to dance with your feet? This spot for the Samsung Galaxy S2 showcased a fantastically choreographed ‘finger dance’ routine.

Samsung brought an array of special effects along for the ride, and the ad became something of a viral sensation. Of course, it’s relation to smartphones might not be the most obvious, but it looks pretty bloody cool and that’s all that matters.

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia might not be the powerhouse they once was, but at least this ad is good reason to remember them fondly. And because they brought us Snake, of course. Lest we forget. Featuring Deadmau5, this fantastic light show lit up the London skyline for a good while.

LG G2 – ‘Steady Feathers’

Megapixels and lenses aren’t always the funniest subject matter, are they? But if you introduce a chicken and some hilarious situations and suddenly they become a whole lot more entertaining. Once you gets through the boring first bit of course.

This LG spot did a great job of portraying just what had improved on it’s the latest flagship phone, as well as proving quite funny. Strangely, it actually makes us want a chicken more than an LG G2 – probably because we can buy the LG G4 now, right?

iPhone 5s – ‘Parenthood’

Sure, you can show us funny videos of chickens on a kayak or fancy hand dances, but they don’t quite scream out usefulness in real-life situations. Cue this brilliant Apple advert, which crams cuteness down your throat whilst giving you a healthy dose of realism as well.

The soundtrack is a bit cheesy but the way Apple shows off its features in an inherently useful fashion is what makes this ad great.

Samsung Galaxy S5 – ‘Galaxy 11’

Looking more like a sci-fi football blockbuster than a phone ad, Samsung’s S5 video is awesome, if you like that kinda thing. Featuring the likes of Lionel Messi, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo,  don’t expect too many processors and gigabytes getting mentioned in this clip. Which is great because they’re boring anyway.

It came in several parts, with the full ad taking up a full 20 minutes, so you can scour YouTube for it if you’d like. Thankfully for your data package, this one’s only four minutes long.

iPhone 5 – ‘Dream’

Apple’s second entry in this list, and it’s worthy of its place thanks to a brilliant idea behind it. Featuring some of the biggest names in international tennis, this spot finds a great way to show off the iPhone 5’s Do Not Disturb mode in a funny way.

Unlike the Samsung ad before this one, it’s less than a minute long as well – so does the job concisely to boot! Now that’s what we call an ace.

Is the latest iPhone 6 a dream handset? Find out why we think the iPhone 6 whoops the iPhone 5s here.

HTC One – ‘Skydive’

Who’d have thought you could get some half-decent smartphone snaps in the middle of a skydive? Well with the HTC One you needn’t worry, as shown in this advert.

It tells the story of a student (who must be made of money!) after a memorable project, using his new phone to capture some astonishing shots. We’re not crazy about testing out the quality of our selfies in the same way, but it definitely made for interesting viewing.

Docomo Touch Wood SH-08C

Don’t worry, we’d never heard of this phone before now either, and that probably has something to do with how exclusive it was – only 15,000 of these were made.

But whilst the phone might not have blown you away, this ad definitely will! Remember that classic Honda advert from yesteryear? This goes down a similar route…

Nokia Lumia 925 – ‘Don’t Flash. Amaze’

If you’re going to take a shot at any mobile manufacturer, who would you pick? Nokia decided to go straight for Apple, and came up with this culturally relevant smartphone ad as a result.

It refers to iPhone users as ‘zombies’ and even claims that the flash which comes with the tech makes the image subject look like an extra from the Walking Dead. It was a great way to hit the younger demographic, and shows off one of Nokia’s better features in its camera – so it’s undead thumbs up all-round.

iPhone – ‘Hello’

Could we end anywhere else? Apple is well-known for its smart marketing techniques, and it’s very first iPhone spot was straight out of the top drawer.

Mixing together plenty of classic films, all quoting that distinctive mobile phone phrase, it did a great job of introducing the iPhone to the world.