Here at, we love a good quiz. That's why we've combined two of our favourite things - smartphones and brainteasers. In the quiz below, we've taken a selection of fake smartphone symbols and placed them alongside various real symbols to see how easy it is to spot the difference.

When we put the quiz to the public, only three out of 1,500 people managed to answer 12/12 correctly. That means just 0.2% of players achieved the perfect score. Do you think you’ve got what it takes to beat the 1,497 respondents who failed to achieve 12/12? Take our quiz to find out...

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Are the following symbols real or fake?

Network strength:

Blocked number trying to call:

Dirty camera:

NFC payment:


Fault detected:

Screen mirroring:

Ghost mode:

Touch ID:

Personal hotspot:

Notification limite reached:

Screen time:

How did you do?

Did you struggle to spot the real symbols from the fake? Find out more below, but you'll have to scroll a little so there's no cheating...


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Okay, here are the symbols which were real:

WiFi Network Strength


This symbol means you’re connected to the WiFi via the internet. If you don’t see this symbol, and, for example, you see the ‘4G’ symbol, then you’re not connected to the WiFi and instead, you’re using your mobile data.

NFC Payments


NFC simply stands for ‘Near Field Communication’ which allows two devices, for example, your phone and a payment terminal, to connect. So, if you’re out shopping, NFC will allow you to make contactless payments with your device.



To put it simply, the keypad function on your smartphone holds various apps allowing you to swipe either left or right to find the application you’re looking for.

Screen Mirroring


Screen Mirroring allows you to mirror your smartphone on a different screen. By doing so, you can access games, photographs, videos and the like that currently sit on your smartphone, on a much bigger screen.

Touch ID


Touch ID is a fingerprint recognition feature which allows users to do various things such as unlock their device and make purchases in various stores such as the App store, with their fingerprint.

Personal Hotspot


If you come across this symbol, it simply means your phone is connected to the internet through the Personal Hotspot of another device.

Screen Time


Screen Time informs you of the amount of time you’ve spent using your device. You will normally receive weekly notifications, however, these can be changed depending on your requirements.