Today is a very exciting day for us here in the e2save office, the
Sony Ericsson Xperia Play mobile phone has finally arrived! The world’s first Playstation certified mobile phone has literally been years in the making and we were lucky enough to have a play with one at the start of the week. Before we talk about what we thought, what we like and the technology bit, let’s take a look at what Sony themselves say about it :-

“If you need a full-featured smartphone and want a true gaming device Xperia Play is the only Android smartphone that gives you access to more than 150,000 Android applications and all Google mobile services whilst also delivering a totally immersive gaming experience.”

So we think that the Xperia Play is in fact the first smartphone which is completely dedicated to gaming, which excitingly has been produced by one of the biggest electronic entertainment companies in the world. The iPhone was more of an all round entertainment device as well as a smartphone, which of course had its fair share of addictive apps and games. What I loved about the Xperia Play were its gaming console controls (that immediately reminded me of a PSP), powerful built in speakers, touch sensitive dual analogue controllers and great connectivity.

The Xperia Play smartphone is oozing in Sony style, it looks like a premium smartphone and transforms into a dedicated handheld gaming device. What blew me away the most is it really isn’t a phone trying to be a games console – its both.