The newest in Sony’s line-up of mid-range smartphones, the Sony Xperia L4 has many great features, including a simple, modern design, a 6.2-inch wide display and long-lasting battery. It’s a high-quality, budget-friendly handset that doesn’t compromise on style, functionality or tech specs.

We explore the top five features of the Xperia L4 below.

1 - Big-Screen Design

With a screen-to-body ratio of 79.5%, Sony has kept bezels to a minimum. The teardrop notch that houses the 8MP front camera is the only interruption to the screen, giving the handset a smooth, premium feel.


Weighing in at just 178g, this handset is comfortable in the hand, with a conveniently-placed fingerprint scanner mounted on the side for maximum security. It’s also fitted with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack – ideal for anyone who favours wired headphones as well as Bluetooth.

2 - 6.2-inch Display

Stretching seamlessly across the Xperia L4, the 6.2-inch capacitive touchscreen on this handset can produce up to 16 million colours, making it a real selling point. With a wide aspect ratio of 21:9, this smartphone offers a significantly greater viewable area than handsets with a ratio of 16:9, making scrolling, swiping, streaming and gaming easier on the eyes.


The phone was designed to make multi-tasking on a mobile as easy as it would be on a laptop or tablet. The multi-window setting that has previously featured on Sony’s flagships allows you to conveniently split your screen into two, so you can let a YouTube playlist roll while you reply to a text, or keep a recipe open while you convert ounces to grams. The Xperia L4 also has the option to activate a mini-display, an accessibility feature that shrinks your screen down to bring everything within reach if you’re using one hand.

3 - Triple-Lens Rear Camera

The triple-lens camera system is made up of a 13MP wide-angle lens, 5MP ultra wide-angle lens, which can achieve a 117-degree field of view, and finally a 2MP depth camera, crucial for special photographic effects like bokeh. Shooting video just got more creative too – you can choose from several different formats while you film, including a cinematic 21:9 aspect ratio for a professional-grade viewing experience.


Meanwhile over on the front of the device, you’ll find an 8MP selfie camera, perfect for taking crystal clear self-portraits. Don’t worry if it takes you a while to get the perfect shot – with 64GB internal memory to make the most of, you’ll have no shortage of space in your photo reel.

4 - Android 9 Pie

The Xperia L4 comes with Android 9 Pie fully installed – an operating system that’s packed with exciting features of its own. One of smartest new settings you can enjoy is App Actions; this feature learns from the way you interact with your smartphone to predict which app you’re going to need next. You’ll receive screen prompts that offer you an action – for example, on your daily commute, your App Actions might put your favourite playlist front and centre.


The new Dashboard will also help you figure out exactly how and when you use your phone – you can see exactly which apps you tend to spend the most time on, how many notifications you receive and more – ideal for anyone trying to keep tabs on their screentime. You can even set your smartphone a bedtime with the Do Not Disturb function. Mute your notifications and give your Xperia L4 a specific time of day to fade to Grayscale, which is easier on your eyes and less likely to disrupt your sleep pattern.

5 - 3,580mAh Battery

Battery life is a key consideration when you’re thinking about an upgrade, and the Xperia L4 doesn’t disappoint. The 3,580mAh battery has the capacity to keep you going all day, and works in sync with Android 9.0 Pie’s Adaptive Battery mode, which saves battery specifically for the apps you utilise the most, so your handset doesn’t squander charge.


If you need to power up in a rush, you can also make the most of the fast charging capability. This is easily achieved with the Sony Fast Charger UCH32C – which can be purchased as an optional extra, and comes with overheat protection.

The Sony Xperia L4 offers flawless performance and fantastic value for money; interested in upgrading? Browse great SIM-free and contract deals on mid-range smartphones right here at