One of the lesser-known handsets from Sony’s plethora of smartphones, the Xperia T3 was released all the way back in July 2014. But despite hitting a year since its launch, is it still worth grabbing for a bargain price?

Plenty of other smartphones have since made their way into the fray, but in typical Sony style, the T3 has soldiered on. Is it worth saving some money with this older Sony smartphone? We take a look at the handset to help you decide!

Super, slim and stunning from Sony!

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Admittedly, the Xperia T3 isn’t exactly the latest smartphone to make its way onto the shelves at your nearest high street store, but it’s not to be toyed with. Packing a super slim 7mm chassis, you can easily mistake the Sony mid-ranger as a flagship effort, and it doesn’t stop there.

Its plastic construction might not sound terrifically attractive compared to some of the fancier glass and metal smartphones of late, but in person you’d be surprised at how well Sony pulls it off. Also, with plastic comes a cheaper price tag, something not many flagship smartphones can sport with their costly designs.

However, like some of the flagship Sony offerings on the market, the T3 does pack the Omnibalance design which has made the likes of the Xperia Z3 so successful. By this, we mean that the power button makes its way to the middle of the trim, whilst the volume buttons fit neatly underneath it.

One thing that is missing are the waterproof flaps from the Xperia Z line-up, so don’t expect to be able to throw the T3 into the bathtub with much success. But other than that, you’re getting the good old Sony experience with the T3, which is definitely a good thing.

Not just a pretty face!

Whilst the Xperia T3 is a good looking phone, it does have some other talents hidden behind the scenes as well. Its 5.3-inch HD display is one of these, although it doesn’t quite match the 1080p resolution most flagship handsets generate, leaving those with a love of displays wanting a little bit.

The rest of the internal kit also packs a meaty punch as well, with its quad-core processor ensuring that you won’t be running at a snail’s pace when you’ve got the phone on the go. However, the phone’s internal storage is a bit cosy at 8GB, but you can remedy this with a memory card, so you needn’t fear running out of storage too quickly.

A sizeable battery also makes the cut, promising that you won’t be left stranded with a makeshift paperweight after a couple of hours using the handset. Whilst Sony has also packed in a STAMINA mode that guarantees you an extended battery life should you reach the lower percentages of your battery capacity.

Make a connection with the Xperia T3!

If you thought we’d covered everything the Xperia T3 has to offer there then you’d be sadly mistaken. This is because Sony has also crammed in a bucket-load of other features for you to play with as well, none as cool as the NFC compatibility which comes built-in with the phone.

For those who aren’t sure, NFC stands for near field communication, and it works like Bluetooth, only at a much shorter range, without burning through your battery. It brings a whole host of opportunities for the T3, with numerous ways of using it made available.

With One-Touch connections making the cut, the T3 can instantly connect with wearable gadgets like the Sony SmartWatch, and with listening, sharing and mirroring also available through NFC the opportunities are plentiful!

You can even use One-Touch back-up with a compatible NFC storage device to help keep your data safe and sound whilst you’re on the go. This means, that if the worst is to happen and you lose your smartphone, then you needn’t worry about all of your information going missing either.

On top of all this, you can connect to other devices through the Miracast and DLNA features, so the Xperia phone shouldn’t be leaving you out of the loop with many other pieces of tech. It might not sound too flashy, but we can confirm that once you’ve got used to it, you’ll struggle to go without it!

Is the Sony Xperia T3 worth the money?

Let’s face it, despite being a year old; there are cheaper smartphones available with a similar spec sheet to that of the T3. However, there are few that you’ll find that match the handset’s good looks, and with its array of connectivity features, you can also guarantee that’ll it will be a very useful addition to any pocket!

So, whilst you might spend a little bit more cash, the T3 will still be a great addition which is certain to impress your friends, even if it isn’t exactly hot off the presses!