In a recent study by communications regulator Ofcom, more than a third of people now watch TV on the move[1] as a result of leading a busy life. With a summer of unmissable sporting events coming up, it’s reassuring to know that smartphones are now being built with this in mind, so you don’t have to miss out on the action just because you’ve left the house.

But which phone is best to watch the upcoming events? We've paired up the best phones to watch this year’s sporting highlights on.

FIFA World Cup - iPhone X

With a 5.8 inch Super Retina HD screen, iPhone X was built for entertainment. Its screen provides a stunning picture, which paired with a long battery life (up to two hours more than the previous iPhone), makes iPhone X the perfect phone to appreciate all the colours of Russia 2018.

There are countless apps available in the App Store that will also help you keep up to date with the latest line ups and live scores, as well as ensuring you can watch the action where ever you might be. The handset boasts the most durable glass ever in an iPhone, which should give you piece of mind if your celebrations go over the top when England score.

F1 British Grand Prix - Samsung S9+

With a massive 6.2 inch Super AMOLED display combined with ultra high quality audio playback, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ is the go-to option for F1 fans keen to catch a glimpse of their favourite drivers as the F1 circuit returns to Silverstone.

The large display provides a great wide-view, showing the track in more detail, while the AKG speakers allow the viewer to take in the atmosphere and the roar of those powerful engines.

Tour de France - iPhone 8 Plus

The iPhone 8 Plus comes with True Tone, a technology that adjusts white balance to your viewing light, and will ensure you can enjoy the stunning views of the French Alps from the Tour de France wherever you are.

Apple claims the handset has the best colour accuracy in the industry, making everything look more vibrant, including helping that yellow jersey to stand out at the front of the peloton even more.

Wimbledon - Google Pixel 2

A high-resolution display and high definition stereo speakers make the Google Pixel 2 a natural choice to watch Wimbledon on.

The fast charging feature, which provides seven hours battery life from just a 15-minute charge, means you won’t have to miss the end of a match, should it go to a fifth and final set. If you’re lucky enough to visit Wimbledon, the great camera will allow you to capture some amazing action shots.

England vs India at Edgbaston - Huawei P20

Test match cricket is the pinnacle of the sport for many people, and a lengthy five-match series requires a powerful phone with a long lasting battery life.

The Huawei P20 boasts a 3400 mAh battery, providing longer battery life and faster recharge, so you’ll keep on top of the action, even if the match lasts five days. Fast face unlock means you’re also able to resume play without touching a button, ideal if you’re on the go.

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