RIM’s answer to the iPad, the BlackBerry PlayBook is released today and we couldn’t really be any more excited especially the fact that you can tether BlackBerry’s Playbook to your mobile phone.

We’ve had our eyes on this baby for some time now and are sure that it’s going to turn a few heads when it steps onto the market.

With its impressive power, multi tasking and smooth UI the PlayBook has been welcomed positively by some of the most influential tech blogs and critics around. And at just 7 inches the PlayBook really is as sleek and manageable as most tablets get.

Tethering BlackBerry Playbook

Tether BlackBerry’s Playbook
However as is the case with almost every high tech mobile device these days the PlayBook is reliant on data. Data is needed to download apps, to run web browsers and to do something as simple as access your email.

Now unless you’ve always got a Wi-Fi connection handy the only way you are realistically going to get a data connection is by tethering.

For those that don’t know, tethering is a method to share the internet connection of an internet capable device, i.e. your mobile phone.

So in the interests of anyone who has their eye on the PlayBook we will inform you how to tether BlackBerry’s Playbook to your mobile phone.

Contrary to popular belief your phone does not have to be a BlackBerry to tether to your PlayBook. However if you are in the fortunate position of already owning a BlackBerry then you can do something called the BlackBerry Bridge. And no this isn’t some weird disco dance move, the BlackBerry Bridge is actually the term used to describe a deep link connection between your BlackBerry and your PlayBook.

As long as it is running BlackBerry OS 5 and above you can share your phones email, calendars, BlackBerry messenger and any other data directly with your PlayBook. All you need to do is download the BlackBerry Bridge from BlackBerry App World and follow the onscreen instructions.

If however, you don’t have a BlackBerry smartphone you can just connect through Bluetooth normally. This will require you to go into the Playbook’s settings and tap the Internet tethering option. Tap to turn on and then tap again on your nominated device in the drop down list. If you are doing this for the first time then you will be required to create a custom profile, where you will choose a name for your new network and a password.

**As they say there’s no such thing as a free meal, so if you are going to gorge away on data through tethering you can be sure that there will most likely be some costs attributed to it.

So it really is best to check with your network provider that there aren’t any hidden charges and that your contract supports tethering before you start syncing your phone up.

There you go. A lesson in how to tether BlackBerry’s Playbook.Once you feel you’ve got the green light then connect away and enjoy having data on your tablet any time anywhere. Happy surfing.