Beginning all the way back in 1967, CES has gained notoriety in being one of the best tech conventions in the world. Over 4,400 tech companies, developers and creators attend to show off their latest and greatest tech creations – and CES 2020 was no different.

Take a look at the 2020 highlights right here.

OnePlus Concept One

OnePlus revealed a new handset – the Concept One – after teasing the device on Twitter four days before the convention began. The catch is, you'll never be able to buy it - and the clue is in the name. While it works like any other device, this is a concept from OnePlus, showcasing innovative new features you're likely to see in future OnePlus phones.

Following on the from the pop-up selfie camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro, the Concept One has something unique to offer when it comes to cameras. Specifically, the rear cameras remain “invisible” - thanks to electrochromic glass which appears almost opaque black until the tint fades away when the camera is in use, revealing the lenses. The phone was made from an eye-catching orange leather too, and has a curved quad HD display, and 4,086 mAh battery - in fact, most of its internal specs are identical to the OnePlus 7T Pro.

New Google Assistant features

When Google Assistant gets new features, CES goers are often the first to know – and at the 2020 event the tradition continued. Google Assistant updates include scheduled actions, which means you’re able to give commands to your smart home tech in advance (read: make your mornings much easier), alongside more compatibility with other tech brands, such as Philips Hue and August Smart Locks.

You’ll also be able to check out some innovative new features, like leaving sticky notes which will be visible on all of the smart displays in your household, a speed dial list that will get you in touch with your favourite contacts even faster, and a new ability to read long-form text on webpages with Android devices.

Samsung Sero TV

Popular Korean manufacturer Samsung took to CES 2020 to announce that their forward-thinking Samsung Sero TV is ready to hit the western market. This versatile TV works in a traditional horizontal alignment, but can also be turned vertical, to mimic the natural position of a smartphone screen.

The TV was created with social media fanatics in mind – particularly fans of TikTok and Instagram – so you can enjoy your daily scrolling on the big screen. The TV can, of course, connect with your smartphone, and automatically adjust itself into position to match your screen's orientation – all while rotating on a stand, to avoid any bumps or scrapes with the surface you sit it on.

Twitter replies

Twitter revealed an exciting new feature at CES 2020 – confirming that soon users will be able to control who can and who can’t reply to their tweets. The action aimed to reduce trolling, whilst simultaneously reducing the need for a completely private account.

Getting the best of both worlds, Twitter users won’t have to hide their tweets completely to avoid unwanted responses – they’ll be able to limit who can post replies on their tweets to specific users, such as accounts mentioned in the tweet, followers only, or even nobody at all.

Razer Kishi

An exciting new universal mobile gaming controller was also revealed at CES 2020, which will be compatible with popular devices by Samsung, Google and Apple. The device bares similarities to the Switch concept, meaning there’s a controller clipped to each end of your smartphone, displaying your screen in the middle.

The innovative controller definitely keeps up with the growing popularity of cloud gaming, while also maintaining that nostalgic console experience. It’s complete with analogue buttons and sticks, and its USB-C or Apple Lightning connections promises low latency during play.

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