Unveiled in September 2020, the Apple Watch SE was released alongside the Apple Watch Series 6. Specifically designed with budgets and affordability in mind, yet still packed to the brim with great tech, we’ve collated the top 5 most exciting features the SE has to offer.

1. Design

The Apple Watch SE has a stylish look, while not sacrificing any functionality. In terms of shape, the SE follows the newer, more rounded shape introduced with the Series 4 Apple Watch. It's available in a durable, seamless aluminium and is water resistant in up to 50m of water.


The SE brings along with it a new choice of interchangeable straps, called Solo Loop. They’re available in braided yarn or silicone, and are designed to be super lightweight, more breathable, and as comfortable as possible.

2. Display

When it comes to the display, the SE packs a punch. Available in the same sizes as the Apple Watch Series 6, you can grab the SE in either 40mm or 44mm. Its Retina LTPO OLED display, producing 368x448 pixels, means you’ll always get a crisp, clear image - even if you're out in broad daylight. Despite the screen being considerably smaller than your average phone or tablet, you’ll easily be able to view weather reports, calendar events, reminders and more, thanks to innovative notifications and widgets.

3. Power

The Apple Watch SE features an “all-day” battery, guaranteed to survive for at least 18 hours at a time. It runs via a W3 wireless chip and the same S5 system-in-package (SIP) as the Series 5 watches, featuring the same 64-bit dual-core processor as we saw in Series 4 – meaning you’ll never have to stop and wait for the SE to catch up with you.


The Watch SE also runs the latest watchOS 7, comes with 32GB of internal storage and supports Apple Pay too - meaning you can purchase items in store by raising the watch to the card reader.

4. Sensors and tracking

While the SE is designed to be budget-friendly, it’ll still give you a huge range of accurately monitored metrics. Thanks to its high-quality sensors, you can easily see your workout progress in real time via the optical heart sensor and get an accurate reading of your daily strolls with the pedometer.


It’s safe to say the SE’s sensors can capture everything you’d expect from a smartwatch, such as sleep tracking and exercise recording. However, the SE also uses its accelerometer and gyroscope for Fall Detection and Emergency SOS. If the watch detects impact it thinks could have cause you injury, it’ll give you the option to be connected to emergency services in one tap. It doesn’t matter if you’re abroad either, the feature works internationally.

5. Fitness+

Apple SE is compatible with Apple’s own fitness service, Fitness+. New workouts are added to the service every week, suitable for a range of fitness levels from beginner to expert – and a tutorial for those new to regular workouts is available under Absolute Beginner.

The app includes plenty of different of workout favourites, including HIIT, rowing, dancing, yoga, core, cycling, strength training and more. You don’t need any equipment to use Fitness+ - apart from your Apple Watch and an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV – but there are workouts available that incorporate dumbbells, treadmills, mats and other accessories.


Your SE will track your stats in real time, then display your heart rate and calories burned on the device you’re working out with, so you don’t have to look down at your watch at any point. If you hit any of your milestones – displayed in activity rings – while you’re using Fitness+, you’ll get an on-screen notification while you're working out to keep your motivation going.

Remember, you’ll have to have an Apple product like an iPhone or iPad to best take advantage of the SE. If it’s time for an upgrade, take a look at the offers available over on the e2save homepage. To stay on top of all the latest in tech news, take a look at the rest of our blogs.