Top Five Galaxy S23 Features

Top Five Galaxy S23 Features

Packed into the Samsung Galaxy S23 are several key features that shape this range into a powerful and handy option, be it as an upgrade or a new phone. We’ve highlighted in detail the top five Galaxy S23 features, so you can see if this device is ideal as your next phone.

The Galaxy S23, S23 Plus and S23 Ultra can be ordered from in a variety of colours and storage capacities.

1 - Improved processing power

An immediate improvement in the Galaxy S23 range is faster processing speeds. This is thanks to the second generation Snapdragon 8 chipset, which not only runs games, films, and apps faster, but also supports with photography by providing more bandwidth for image processing tasks with the phone’s excellent cameras.


This new processor is also more efficient at managing battery life, helping the handset last longer throughout the day.

2 - Fantastic cameras

Speaking of cameras, the Galaxy S23 makes full use of these increased processing speeds by offering a superb camera array and handy software tools for photographers of all experiences.

Samsung have opted to carry over the fantastic 50MP main camera, 12MP ultrawide and 10MP telephoto lens to the range, meaning you can take photos with staggering detail regardless of where you are.


The S23 Ultra takes it one step further by including a superb 200MP sensor on the back; if photography is your hobby, the S23 Ultra is a must-have.

The Night Mode also gets an upgrade, with the image processing AI now able to retain even more detail in the darkest conditions.

3 - Increased battery capacity

You’ll be able to use the Galaxy S23 phones for longer, thanks to the addition of larger batteries in each model. Whether you’re using the base S23, the mid-range S23 Plus or premium S23 Ultra, you can play games, watch videos, and browse online without the phone breaking a sweat.


The S23 Ultra also supports 45W wired recharging, helping you get back into the action quickly.

4 – S Pen support

If you choose to go for the S23 Ultra, you can make use of the fantastic S Pen found in the Galaxy S22 phone. With it, you can make notes on the screen, highlight images and write longform messages without the need to type. There’s little need to worry about lag either, as the S Pen has a low latency of 2.8ms.


The S Pen can also be used to take remote photos, which is perfect if you want to take group photos and include the taker simultaneously.

5 – Updated interface

The Galaxy S23 range features an updated look, courtesy of One UI 5.1. This refreshed interface makes it much easier to share the photos you’ve taken with specific people via facial recognition, and enables you to create shared folders within the Gallery app.


Overall, the new interface is cleaner, easier to use and wildly customisable based on your preferences.

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