The Google Pixel 7 contains several new hardware and software additions, some of which are effective improvements on impressive tech found in the previous Pixel 6 range. In this guide, we will run you through the top five features the Pixel 7 has to offer, looking at both the original model and the premium Pixel 7 Pro.

The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are available at in a range of three colours and up to 256GB storage.

New processor

The first big update in the Pixel 7 range is brand-new silicon. Google has introduced the G2 Tensor chip, an improved processor that is faster, due to being freed up by the dedicated Titan M2 security chip. Apps load much faster and can be swapped out for another task, such as browsing online or watching a video, very quickly.


The speed of the Pixel 7 is further enhanced by 8GB RAM, which is increased to 12GB on the Pixel 7 Pro. It has a lot of processing power and memory to make use of, enabling the Pixel 7 to handle any demanding task with ease.

Photo Unblur

Thanks to the new, faster chip in the Pixel 7, Google has debuted an additional processing tool to the phone’s photography kit: Photo Unblur. When taking photos, Unblur removes noise and blurriness, leaving images with considerably more detail. This also works with photos already taken, allowing you to brush up on your old snapshots with ease.


A huge benefit of Photo Unblur is that it requires minimal input by the user; by pressing one button, the Pixel 7 does all the work for you.

Battery life

Whilst overall battery life remains much the same as previous models, Extreme Battery Saver Mode very much lives up to its name. In this mode the Pixel 7 can last up to 72 hours, making it a lifesaver during long days and commutes. Extreme Battery Saver Mode is also on the Pixel 7 Pro, which has a larger 5000mAh battery.


With 30W wired charging also possible on the Pixel 7, this phone should be a top choice if battery life is a serious consideration.

Camera improvements

Earlier, we mentioned that Photo Unblur is an impressive new photography tool, but there are also improvements to the camera array and video editing suite too, particularly on the Pixel 7 Pro.


Included in the 7 Pro is a 48MP telephoto camera, alongside the 50MP main lens and 12MP ultrawide camera found on the original Pixel 7. With this telephoto lens, the 7 Pro is capable of 30x zoom, making it incredibly versatile as a camera.

Recording videos has also seen some improvements. If you often find backgrounds distracting in your footage, Cinematic Blur adds a shallow depth of field to the video, blurring out the background and granting focus on the foreground.

Design changes


The overall design of the Pixel 7 has been given some polish, helping to emphasize it as a premium phone. Gone is the old camera band on the rear of the phone; instead it has been replaced by a new aluminum band. The effect this has is significant, as the full phone now carries a premium feel in your hands, rather than individual elements only having this impact.

Taking care of our phones is a given, but sometimes the odd crack can emerge. To protect your Pixel 7 in the future should it take a knock, check out our guide on what you can do and how to tackle this type of damage.