Top Five iPhone 14 Features

Top Five iPhone 14 Features

iPhone 14 brings with it changes, both big and small, to the iPhone family of smartphones. In this guide, we highlight the top five iPhone 14 features and analyse why they stand out as the most exciting additions.

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Dynamic Island

The most significant addition to iPhone 14 involves a part many will be familiar with: the camera pill box. Screen space is ultimately limited on a phone to how large the display is, and so Apple has introduced the Dynamic Island to iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max models.


This feature dynamically expands the pill box at the top of the phone into a large notification box to show what music is playing and any messages you may have. The Dynamic Island smoothly animates in and out, making use of iPhone 14’s fantastic processing power to ensure it is integrated seamlessly.

This feature is a clever manipulation of iPhone’s design to present information in a new way, yet doesn’t exist as a distraction from the rest of the phone.

iOS 16

The 16th iteration of iOS debuts with iPhone 14 and is focused heavily on personalisation. The Lock Screen can now be customised with different fonts, photos, and widgets to give it your own style, whilst enhancing its functionality. Like with Dynamic Island, Apple is taking existing areas of iPhone that users see every day, and expanding how to use them in interesting ways.


The addition of widgets to the Lock Screen also enables users to access information such as weather, without having to unlock the phone. It is considerably easier to shape iPhone 14 into how you want it, and what information is visible to you.

Safety Features

iPhone 14 also introduces some key safety features. Crash Detection uses extremely sensitive tools within iPhone to detect if a user has been involved in a car crash, where it will then call emergency services. There is also satellite communication, a technology that requires an open view of the sky to allow the user to send messages or calls. For those who don’t have access to mobile data when outdoors, this feature has the potential to be vital in an emergency.


New Processor

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will showcase the new A16 Bionic chip. This upgraded processor brings improved performance to iPhone 14 in the form of increased transistors and memory bandwidth, aligning iPhone much closer to the processing power of laptops and desktops.


The A16 Bionic chip is also more power-efficient, so you can expect less drain from the battery to help iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max last longer before reaching 0% battery.

Action Mode

The final major addition to iPhone 14 is its filmmaking suite. Alongside improvements to its Cinematic Mode, which can now film at 4K resolution 30 frames per second, Apple has included Action Mode.


When filming a subject that is moving erratically or the footage is unstable, for example when moving up a staircase, Action Mode will smooth out the video by cropping the rest of the scene. iPhone 14 in this mode acts as a stabiliser to keep the subject in focus; perfect for filmmakers who regularly shoot action-heavy videos on the go.


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