When you need a phone that fits into pockets comfortably, a smaller handset will often fit the bill, but does this mean performance has to be compromised? The Google Pixel 7a is a phone that defiantly says ‘no’, and here we highlight the top five specs and features that define this impressive mini-powerhouse.

The Pixel 7a can be picked up from a range of three striking colours, and 128GB storage.

1 – 64MP main camera

Most new devices build on what came before, but the Pixel 7a takes this to another level with its camera array.


The headline is the fantastic 64MP main camera; a staggering improvement over the Pixel 6a’s 12.2MP lens. This means more detail captured in photos, but the real magic happens when cropping an image. A higher pixel count ensures that a greater amount of detail is retained when editing down a larger photo into a smaller one, for example with a panoramic shot.

There’s no getting away from how seismic a jump this is in camera technology, particularly on an entry-level phone such as the Pixel 7a.

2 – Powerful camera software

Thanks to the generational leap in performance that the Tensor G2 processor brings, Pixel 7a owners can utilise powerful software to enhance the way you use it.


One such exciting tool is Photo Unblur. With this software, you can remove blurriness and distortion from photos to make any image far clearer. Photo Unblur can also be used on your existing collection to give your old images a new lease of life.

The Pixel 7a’s Motion Mode also experiences some potent updates, including the addition of Long Exposure for adding creative blur to images; especially useful if you want to highlight the speed a subject is travelling at.

3 – Tensor G2 processor

A feature of the Pixel 7a we alluded to in the previous highlight, is the fast Tensor G2 processor.


The next generation of Google’s Tensor chipset provides a significant boost to available bandwidth, enabling the Pixel 7a to run consistently faster and smoother. Whether you’re a gamer, photographer, or use your phone for productivity, performance sees a tangible improvement.

As we mentioned previously, this increase in processing power also opens up 7a users to exclusive features that preceding models wouldn’t have.

4 – Beautiful display

The Pixel 7a’s 6.1” OLED display is an absolute joy to look at. Crisp and vibrant from every angle, the 1080p resolution ensures every pixel bursts with detail. Its display can also refresh at up to 90Hz, which makes using the 7a feel silky smooth at all times.


Add HDR (high-dynamic range) and its inky blacks into the mix, and you have an amazing screen that shapes the Pixel 7a into a brilliant all-round entertainment device.

5 – Wireless charging

Fans of the Pixel 6a were missing a useful quality-of-life feature that is present in the succeeding 7a model: wireless charging.


With it, you can charge the Pixel 7a via a charging pad, alongside the standard cable method; a lifesaver if you don’t have a socket available to plug into.

As you can see, the Pixel 7a’s specs and features are incredibly useful for gamers, film lovers and photographers alike. If you’re interested in making this phone your next handset, but are curious how much storage you’ll need, our useful guide will go through what you need to consider.