If you need apps for your Android, then you know there's only one place to go. The Google Play Store is home to thousands of brilliant apps, covering everything you can think of, from the absolute essentials to the latest in gaming and entertainment.

But with so much to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to hit download on first. We’ve scoured the Play Store to give you a helping hand, and you can find some of the highest rated apps below.

Must-have Android Games

Google Play Store's gaming section is bursting with amazing mobile games, and there really is something to suit every player. Whatever your age and gaming style, you won't be disappointed by the selection.

Free Games

Some of the most popular free titles available include Smash Colors 3D - a fun-filled, fast-paced game that'll test both your hand-eye coordination and rhythm - and the Android adaption of Among Us, winner of The Game Awards' prestigious Mobile Game of the Year for 2020.


Between 5 and 10 players can join one game in Among Us, and you'll be set numerous tasks to prepare your spaceship for departure. One player, however, will be assigned the role of the imposter whose sole mission is cause as much chaos as possible by killing off crewmates before the launch. If you're the imposter, your goal will be to make it to the end of the game without being detected. If you're a regular crewmate, however, you'll have to look past the deceit and figure out who the imposter is before it's too late.

Paid Games

As for top-rated paid games, you can't miss Minecraft and Stardew Valley. Minecraft currently costs £6.49 to download, and existing fans of the cult game will absolutely love being able to play on the go. Infinite worlds await in Minecraft, and the fun really is limitless - keep it simple by building your own home, create castles or entire villages or enter survival mode and explore the world around you, fighting enemies and making friends to keep yourself alive.


Stardew Valley, meanwhile, is only £3.99 and suitable for ages 12 and up. An award-winning farming RPG with upbeat colourful graphics, you'll be in charge of your very own farm. Transform fields into flourishing vegetable patches, raise and breed your own animals, start a family and become part of the farming community wherever you are. Hours of fun await, and the mobile adaption is just as amazing as the original.

Android Entertainment Apps

Phones makes it possible to enjoy the latest entertainment anywhere, anytime, and if you're looking for the best entertainment on the Play Store, these top-rated apps are not to be missed.

Ever wondered what it'd be like to see yourself star in your favourite movie, or on stage with your favourite band? Reface is a face swapping app that makes it possible to add your face onto popular gifs, movie clips, music videos and so much more. Impressively realistic, you just need to scan your face in the app and let it do its magic. It'll merge your face with the star of the clip you've selected, with amazing results you'll instantly want to share with friends.


As for social media, the must-have app right now according to Google Play store is TikTok. The viral platform enables you to watch videos from all over the world, whether you're an animal lover, want a first-hand look at what it's living on the other side of the world or you simply can't wait to discover new creators, TikTok makes it all possible. The biggest brands, celebrities and social media influencers all use the app too, giving you access to exclusive content for free.

For more traditional entertainment, Disney+ seems to be taking the top spot for video subscription streaming services. A subscription-only service, the app provides access to an entire library of favourites from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and more. Whether it's brand-new titles or all-time classics you love, you'll find it all on this app. Prices start at £7.99 a month and include access to the new content from Star.

Everyday Android Essentials

As for those essentials designed to make your day-to-day even easier, some of Google's must-have apps with glowing reviews include the online payment service PayPal, a mobile version of the video conferencing software Zoom and delivery services Deliveroo and Uber Eats.

Google One is also up there amongst the highest rated apps. A subscription service that's ideal for Android users that need more cloud storage, Google One makes sure you always have room for everything - across all of your devices. You can even add up to 5 family members to one subscription, so you can all make the most of the benefits.


While every Google user has access to 15GB of free storage, Google One plans provide an upgrade and space for 100GB or more. This means you can link up all your data from Google Drive, Gmail and Google Photos seamlessly, and your photos, videos, files and contacts will be backed up instantly.

The app makes it easy to manage your storage, and you'll also have access to perks like Google Store discounts, extra Play Store credits and much more.

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