Whether it’s for attending virtual events, having a weekly family catchup or working remotely – video software makes communicating with friends and colleagues easier than ever. For both Android and iOS users, there’s a plethora of different apps to choose from; explore some of the best video calling services for your smartphone below, as well as some of their lesser-known features.


Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Xbox
Maximum users on a single video call: 24

One of the best-known online call platforms out there, Skype was founded back in 2003, and has been providing video chat services since the days of detachable webcams. While it was originally designed for desktop use, Skype now offers high definition video and audio calls with up to 24 members simultaneously, on a whole host of devices. It’s widely used for both business and personal calls across the globe, and the app is available in 39 different languages.


As well as video calling, you’ll find all the standard additional functions like an instant message service, screen sharing from your smartphone and the ability to send files. Need to listen back to an interview, or take notes later on? Play back your meetings with Skype’s call recording capacity. If you’re having trouble keeping up with conversation or are hard of hearing, you can even switch on live subtitles, so you never miss an important point.

ZOOM Cloud Meetings

Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Maximum users on a single video call: 100

Capable of connecting up to 100 users in a video meeting, it’s no wonder Zoom is so popular. With the versatile Zoom Cloud Meetings app, you can host an international company webinar as easily as a family quiz. Available to use on both Android and iOS devices, the free version of Zoom will give you 40 minutes of airtime with 3+ participants, completely free.


With a private chatroom for call participants to accompany every meeting, Zoom is especially convenient for business use. You can easily share files from third party locations like Dropbox and Google Drive, hide non-video participants in large meetings and, if you don’t want your colleagues to clock your clutter, change your background to a custom image.


Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Maximum users on a single video call: 25

A favourite amongst the gaming community, Discord does things slightly differently. On this platform, you can create custom, invite-only servers; these servers are made up of both text channels and voice channels. On text channels, you can enjoy all the instant messenger features you’d expect, but on voice channels, you can chat to people via both audio and video. There’s no need to start a call – just pop into a voice channel and quite literally say “hello”.


The interface is user friendly enough for informal events like book clubs or study groups, but without compromising on functionality – so it’s ideal for working remotely too. There are several voice processing tools hidden in settings to help improve the quality of your calls – like echo cancellation and noise reduction. Another handy Discord feature that isn’t widely-known is the easy integration of other apps, including your favourite socials, Spotify and YouTube.


Available on: iOS, Android, Mac, Windows
Maximum users on a single video call: 50

Designed to be mobile-first, Tango has grown from a simple video call app into an all-in-one social networking platform, which can also be downloaded for use on a desktop PC. You can connect with friends, family and colleagues via several different mediums hosted on the app – including voice and video call, messaging and group chats, all of which is completely complimentary.


The app has recently ventured into more versatile territory, with the introduction of Squash - its first in-app game – which is available for two users to play against one another during a video call. Perhaps more suited to group chats with the gang than work meetings, Tango also has a range of artistic video filters to choose from, as well as animated avatars.

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