In today’s all-action, high end smartphone market, budget phones don’t always get the headlines. In fact, most of the time, cheaper phones are brushed quickly under the rug in favour of heavy-hitting handsets.

But here at e2save we don’t judge a phone on specs alone, with cost also playing a major role. So if you’re after a saving, which smartphone should you go for? The recent smartphone duo from Vodafone looks like an interesting proposition to us!

Get educated with the Vodafone Smart Prime!

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4G isn’t normally very cheap. Normally reserved for high-end devices, it tends to add a healthy chunk of cash to your monthly bills, pricing it out of reach for most financially cautious shoppers – until now.

The Vodafone Smart Prime 6 might not quite stand up besides the flagship heavyweights in terms of performance, but it exceeds the expectations which come along with its £80 price tag. Bringing 4G to the masses is no mean feat, but that’s exactly what Vodafone is doing with this device.

Its spec sheet is understandably modest, though with its HD display sizing up at 5”, the Smart Prime 6 will prove more than enough for most. The bits underneath the screen are all fairly standard as well, with a pacey processor keeping things going at an acceptable speed.

The Smart Prime 6 is quite cosy when it comes to the amount you can fit onto it, with 8GB of storage adding up to about 1500 songs or eight HD movies. You can always add to this by cramming in your own memory card, but as a bare minimum it will get the job done without one.

The real talking point are the breakneck 4G speeds you’ll be cruising the web with on the phone, meaning you can stream videos from YouTube or Netflix at a more reliable rate. This should put an end to those jittery and hard to watch clips which tend to make internet browsing a nightmare on other cheaper phones.

The latest Google operating system is another welcome inclusion, providing the best experience possible. So, whilst you might not be blown away by the Vodafone device, you’re still sure to get a good level of performance for an account-friendly price.

Save even more with the Vodafone First 6!

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Is £80 still a bit too dear? Not to worry, you can save even more of those notes by investing in the Vodafone First 6 – just don’t expect to find any mod-cons coming along for the ride.

It’s cheaper than those dodgy Lacoste t-shirts you see down at your local car boot sale, with just a £40 price tag holding it down. But it still does a good job, even though it might draw the odd snarky comment from your best mate when you do pull it out. (Even though his iPhone will have cost him ten times the price!).

As you might expect, the specs aren’t going to offer any kind of match for a flagship phone. We’re talking a real David and Goliath match-up, the kind where David left his slingshot at home. But it isn’t all about specs.

The First 6 looks almost identical to the more powerful handset, albeit a bit less polished, but it definitely isn’t an ugly phone. As budget smartphones go it’s actually quite well-built, and even has an element of class about it.

Its 4” display doesn’t offer that super sharp HD quality, but then those pixels cost money. Also, the storage is sliced in half, making an already demanding area much more cramped. But Vodafone has squeezed in a memory card slot, so you shouldn’t be struggling for too long.

4G also pays the price of the reduced price tag, so if this is a deal breaker you’ll be better off taking your cash elsewhere. But if you’re still reading, you do get a 2 megapixel camera to play with, so it’s not all bad news!

Finally, Android comes along for the ride once again, but instead of Lollipop you’ll be getting KitKat. This obviously isn’t the idyllic match-up of the century, but it’s still a superb system, as long as you aren’t holding your breath for an update.

Two of the best budget smartphones ever!

Admittedly, neither Vodafone Smart handset is going to be offering up flagship quality. However, each exceeds expectations and make for ideal affordable phones, whether they’re back-ups or full-time handsets.

The Smart Prime 6 does offer a bit more quality, with a larger screen and more powerful innards pushing a 4G connection into your pocket – but it does double the price tag of the Smart First 6.

It really does come down to just how much cash you’d like to save; if you’re happy splashing just under a hundred smackers then why not grab the Prime 6, but if your financial belt is at risk of breaking, then the Smart First 6 might be a wiser choice.

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