So, you’re lucky enough to have been given an iTunes gift card from a loved one, hey? But now you have to decide what you actually want to buy with that shiny new present.

iTunes started as a place to keep your music and has since evolved into a very intricate and well stocked media store for all your Apple devices. So, with a massive selection for you to choose from, we take a look at the best ways to spend your iTunes gift card.

Apps! Apps! And more Apps!


**Say cheese! **Take a look at some of the best selfie taking apps on the market!

A great way of getting your hands on a useful tool or super fun smartphone game, apps can give your iPhone a unique feel, and make your handset twice as entertaining as a lonely  ‘appless’ smartphone. But with the App Store choc-a-block with apps to download, which ones are worth using that gift card on?

The App Store boasts a humungous selection of games if you need some entertainment from your smartphone or tablet. With the likes of Minecraft, Angry Birds and Grand Theft Auto all easily located for more than reasonable prices. More practical apps can also be found as well, with many third-party keyboards and other tools also included. If photography is more your sort of thing, then picture editing apps can also be bought using your gift card.

What do we suggest?

The Facetune app is perfect for Instagram addicts and is one of iTunes’ top paid apps. It lets you edit your pictures quickly and easily, ensuring that you’ll approve of every picture you’ve taken once you’ve had your way with it! Plus it only costs £2.49!

Get some iPhone Tunes!


For the music lovers out there, you could always invest that Gift Card into some new tunes to get the party started! Similarly, if you’re tired of your playlist, some more chilled out songs could be the ticket to helping you survive that daily commute.

The iTunes store places selections into easy to find categories based on genre, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on the hunt for a soulful solo artist or a heavy metal rock band. You can also search for artists directly if you already know what you’re after through using the search bar.

Also, if you’re just browsing you can go to the Genius area, which automatically picks out the songs most suited to your personal taste. So, regardless of whether you’re a big time hit lover or a more alternative music fan, your iTunes gift card will be able to hook you up!

**What do we suggest?**

X by Ed Sheeran is probably our favourite album of 2014; we’re struggling to find one song we don’t love from it! It costs £10.99 for the entire thing, which is well worth it!

Movies and TV


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Don’t fancy either of the above? Not to worry, why not hit up the iTunes film and TV section to indulge in some small screen viewing? The iTunes store boasts both rental and permanent purchases which work with all of Apple’s latest gadgetry.

For movie buffs, there’s a categorised area to find the perfect film, and you can also check out the charts section to see what’s popular right at this moment in time. Once again, you can search for a specific film through the store, and with reviews and ratings available, you’ll always be warned if you’ve picked a bit of a stinker.

TV programmes are also included on the iTunes store, so if you’re more of a Downton Abbey type, then your iTunes voucher can be spent right here. Box sets are also included in this section, so instead of buying each episode separately, you can invest in a whole series from the get-go!

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What do we suggest?

Dallas Buyers Club (certificate 15) is a ridiculously good movie; Matthew Mcconaughey delivers an Oscar winning performance and it’s definitely a piece of hard-hitting film. Plus it’s only £5.99 to buy, meaning that you can watch it over and over.



Do you feel the need to customise your phone with a unique ring tone? If you do, and you don’t mind the unwieldy glances from across the office when ‘Let it Go’ starts blurting through your smartphone speakers then why not grab one with your new gift card?

It’s not just music you can invest in however; you can also get more entertaining ringtones like that of the minions from Despicable Me or Chewbacca’s classic roar from the Star Wars franchise. Again, we can’t be held responsible for any judgement you might receive for using these over the top ringtones.

There’s a charts section to the ringtones page too, meaning that you can fit in to whatever’s trending. Most tones will set you back around 99p, with some costing less, making for a great little deal if you’ve got some spare money on that voucher of yours!

What do we suggest?

‘Let it go! Let it Go!’ The Disney hit song from Frozen is definitely one we’ll catch ourselves singing along to if we get a snapshot of it playing in the office. For only 99p we’ll happily part with our cash for this!

Hopefully we’ve helped you out with that iTunes gift card you’ve been given, and if you still can’t decide, you could always use it as a gift to someone else if you’re feeling cheeky!

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