Google has come a long way since the introduction of Google Now back in 2012. Since then, Google have embraced industry-leading, AI technology in a bid to create a powerful virtual helper known today as Google Assistant.

Initially developed for Google Home, Google Assistant is now available on more smartphones than ever before, and is packed full of innovative features which are sure to excite smartphone users everywhere.

How to get Google Assistant

Google Assistant is readily installed on a whole range of smartphones, including the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL, and the Samsung Galaxy S8. If your device doesn’t have Google Assistant installed, fear not, as the service is available for download from Google Play and the App Store. Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, or even an LG Watch Sport, you can enjoy Google Assistant.


To use Google Assistant, simply say ‘OK Google'. If you have the Google Pixel 2 or Pixel 2 XL, you can also squeeze the side of the phone launch your very own personal assistant.

Google Lens

One of the most standout features of Google Assistant is Google Lens. Using the latest AI technology, Google Lens makes the most of your camera to bring information about your surroundings straight to your device. See an outfit or piece of décor you like? Using the camera, Google Lens identifies the products to find the same or similar products to purchase online.


You can also use Google Lens to get information about a museum’s opening times, reviews and contact details, just by taking a photo of the building. Connect to Wi-Fi instantly by pointing your camera at the router password too, or get a translation in real-time by positioning the lens towards a street sign or even a menu. With so many possibilities, the world is at your fingertips.

Smart home technology

Google Assistant intelligently collaborates with smart home devices to make life simple. Pair your Google Assistant with your smart technology to get complete control over your home from your device. Whether you want to warm up the house before you get home, or realise you've forgotten to turn off the lights, you can manage it all through Google Assistant.


Google Translate

As well as the ability to translate within Google Lens, users of Google Pixel buds benefit from having Google Assistant built in, and can use their earbuds to translate over 100 languages in real-time conversations. Simply hold down the right earbud and listen as your conversation is instantly translated.


Ask and Command

With Google Assistant you can set reminders, look at your emails and check your flight status, all in one place. You can also give Google Assistant specific commands such as 'Play Rihanna in Spotify', or 'Show my pictures of Greece', making it one of the most intelligent personal assistants around.

Ask Google Assistant a question and it will answer. For example, asking 'What shall I eat?' will trigger Google Assistant to show you nearby food options. You can also ask Google for traffic updates, which is particularly helpful for when you need to access information hands-free. Need a translation quickly? Tell Google what you want to translate and it will provide a translation instantly.

Google Home

Google Home is Google’s very own smart speaker is powered by Google Assistant. Just like Google Assistant on smartphones, you can easily ask and command your Google Home speaker. There's also the welcomed addition of other convenient features, such as adding to your shopping list and making hands-free calls. You can even pair Google Home with other technology in your home, transforming Google Home into a real, digital hub for your house.


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