Love them or hate them, group chats have become a part of our daily lives. In fact, in a recent poll we found that 93% of people are involved in at least one group chat.

These chats have changed the way we communicate with friends and family via our smartphones, helping to bring groups of people together in one place at our fingertips. However, the rise of group chats has seen the introduction of a range of personalities that any group chat user will recognise immediately.

Whether it’s the person who initiates plans to then go silent, or the one who always changes the chat name and icon, we can all relate to the following top 5...











Our research also discovered that half of people surveyed (50%) hate it when people have private conversations in a group chat, and almost a quarter (24%) of people find group chats stressful.

At e2save, we’ve used the findings from our research to share our top tips for good group chat etiquette, which are as follows:

Five steps for good group chat etiquette:

  1. Keep private chatter private
  2. Don’t start a new group chat unless essential
  3. Try to reply to messages within 48 hours
  4. Add emojis to explain if you’re being serious, sarcastic etc
  5. Don’t chat after 12pm!

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