E2save.com is choc-full of epic deals, but so much choice can sometimes feel a bit mind-boggling. From flagship phones to budget blowers, from fantastic free gifts to cracking cashback offers, it's easy to feel confused.

Not sure which one offers the most useful extras or the best value for money? Sit down and put your feet up - here’s everything you need to know about the excellent deals on offer from the UK’s best networks.

EE benefits

The biggest network in the UK, EE are heavy hitters in the mobile world and offer some pretty awesome deals when you sign up to their massive 2 and 3G networks – 98% of the UK population are covered – and equally big 4G network that 95% of people in the UK can enjoy.

The first big deal you get from select EE tariffs is a six-months free Apple Music subscription. If you love listening to music, downloading and streaming it on the go whether you’re on the bus, at home or wherever else you love to tap your toes, Apple Music is the one. And what’s more, EE will cover all of the data you use when accessing the app. No more silent bus rides to work because you streamed too many memes.

EE are also well known for their My EE app, which lets you keep on top of your data allowance, contract and so forth – no more Pot Noddle dinners the week before payday – and if you’ve got less than 45 days to run on your current contract, EE will give you a cheeky upgrade (just as long as you’re up to date on your payments).

Take a look at our EE contracts by clicking here, and enjoy the following:

• Six months’ free Apple Music, free Apple Music data
• My EE app to cut down costs
• Option to upgrade 45 days before end of contract

O2 benefits

Cool, smart and heaving with deals, there are lots of reasons to go with O2, who cover some 98% of the UK. Arguably the best is O2 Priority, the network provider’s freebie and discount service, that offers loads of brilliant benefits, including cheap holidays, free food, prize draws and more.

O2 Priority also comes with tickets - plenty of them! You'll be able to enjoy priority access to selected events up to 48 hours before the rest of the UK can get their mitts on them, and enjoy that priority feeling.

O2 also lets you upgrade 30 days before your upgrade date, so set a reminder on your calendar and you’ll be eligible for some shiny new tech a month earlier than normal. Check out O2’s contract deals right here and get ready for:

O2 Priority with loads of cheap and free stuff
• Priority tickets, 48 hours before general sale
• Upgrade options 30 days before end of contract

iD Mobile

iD Mobile are a low-cost, mobile provider who are big on value. With iD's GoTo plans, you can enjoy data rollover each month, free roaming in 50 global destinations including the EU and beyond, and the ability to cap bills to avoid nasty shocks.

There's also the useful iD app that lets you keep a track of your spending. Click here to have a gander at their contracts, which feature:

• GoTo monthly plans with data rollover
• Inclusive roaming in over 50 countries
iD app for watching costs


With 4G, a big network and a name you can trust, there are lots of reasons to go with Vodafone, and that’s before you get around to learning about their fine deals.

The big one is the upgrade timeframe, arguably the best on the market. 75 - yes, 75 days before your contract end date, you can call up, renew your contract, order the latest handset, and stay at the cutting-edge of smartphone tech.

Travellers have plenty of reasons to celebrate, 110 reasons in fact, as that's the number of destinations covered by Vodafone's Global Roaming. And if you live in London you can access free WiFi on the London Underground. Click here to see our Vodafone contracts, and enjoy:

• Option to upgrade 75 days before end of contract
Global Roaming covering 110 destinations
• Free Wi-Fi on London Underground

So now you're clued up, take another glance at our epic mobile contracts, and chose the network that's the best fit for you.