As one of the biggest networks in the UK, O2 has become renowned for providing its customers with some of the best offers and benefits around, alongside offering speedy, reliable 4G to most of the country. Here are just some of the perks of using O2.


O2 took the title of winner of best coverage in the U-Switch Mobiles Awards 2018, and there’s good reason for it. Offering coverage you can depend on, O2 serves 98% of the population with 4G and has more than 15,000 Wi-Fi hotspots across the country, so you can stay connected when you’re out and about without chipping into your data allowance.


Looking further ahead, O2 is currently preparing for the launch of 5G which will be rolled out on the network in 2020.

Customisable plans

Both technology and how we use our phones change over our contract period. That’s why O2 has introduced flexible tariffs, allowing you to have complete control over your plan so you can adjust what you’re getting from your contract as and when you need to.

O2’s flexible tariffs allow you to move between other tariffs which were available at the time you purchased your device. Using the My O2 app, O2 customers can see the options available to them and adjust their tariff up or down once a month to suit their needs.

O2 Priority Rewards

One of the biggest draws to O2 is its rewards. From picking up a free coffee to skipping the queue at a concert, O2 wants all its customers to feel like VIPs.

Customers can access O2 Priority Rewards through the app on their smartphone. Here you can browse the latest discounts and offers for shopping, entertainment, food, and more, all at your fingertips.


You’ll never miss out on tickets for your favourite band with O2 Priority. Customers can get their hands on tickets for O2 sponsored events 48 hours before they go on general sale. The perks don’t stop once you’ve purchased your tickets either. O2 customers benefit from perks at O2 venues, so you can skip the queue, gain entry to the O2 lounge, or get a free pint at Twickenham Stadium. Not bad.

My O2

O2 customers can manage their account with ease through the My O2 app. Users can see their data usage for the month, information about their contract, and a list of their previous bills, all on their device.


My O2 is a great tool to keep an eye on how you’re using your phone to make sure that you don’t creep over your contract allowance.

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