Recently we ran a competition on our **e2save mobiles**Facebook page, in which we were giving fans the chance to win to win an incredible prize package consisting of a brand new iPhone 4 and £600 towards your contract.  All entrants had to do was ‘like’ our Facebook page and answer the simple question “to what extreme would you go to win our prize?”.  We had lots of interest and over 1,500 people entered and submitted all sorts of weird and wonderful answers, some of our favourites we’ll list at the end of our article.

The competition ended on the 27th September and the winner was selected at random today (29th September).  We are happy to announce that the lucky winner is….(drum roll please)… :

Madelaine Mclaughlin****

Congratulations to Madelaine, who submitted the answer “I’d hang-glide across the Grand Canyon”.  Madelaine, we are expecting you to submit photo proof of your death defying feat!! (just kidding)

A big thankyou to everyone that entered, don’t worry we will be running plenty more awesome competitions on our Facebook fan page and e2save Twitter channel (@e2save) in the future, so make sure you keep an eye on them!

You can also check out our very own Matt, on our e2vids YouTube channel, which is one of the leading mobile phone review channels in the UK.  Now at nearly 2,000,000 views!

Before we go, here are a few of our favourite answers from the competition:

“I would sell my ex-wife”

“I would trade in my teenage son for the duration of the contract”

“I would hide Jedward in a cave and never tell anyone”

“I’d learn web development and computer programming so I could hack into the site and make myself the winner!”

“I’d run through your office wearing nothing but an iPhone!”