Nokia’s latest addition to its budget collection is bursting with amazing features, cool colours and a powerful processor that’ll keep you going for hours. But what really makes the Nokia Lumia 530 so good is its Windows 8.1 offering.

The Windows Phone operating system may have come under fire since its launch in 2010, but today it’s back to prove a point, offering all the best features, apps and personalisation options for any seasoned smartphone user. So sit back as we explain exactly why Windows Phone 8.1 makes the Nokia Lumia 530 so good…

Windows Action Centre

If there’s one thing that Android pioneered when it comes to smartphone set-up, it’s the notification centre.  But now it seems that Microsoft has jumped both feet first into the action, plating up an extra slice of features starting with its new Action Centre.

Rather than having to laboriously traipse through menus and options to get to your settings, Windows Phone 8.1 on the Nokia Lumia 530 lets you change profiles, read your messages and pick up your emails with one simple swipe, saving you time and effort when you’re on the go.

Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard

If your thumbs are always glued to your smartphone’s keyboard, whether it’s sending texts, Whatsapp messages or Facebook statuses, you’ll be pleased to know that the Nokia Lumia 530 comes with a new kind of keyboard which is sure to make typing a doddle.

Microsoft Word Flow Keyboard - Nokia Lumia 530

With Word Flow keyboard, you can choose whether to type or to even swipe! The swiping Word Flow keypad makes it much faster and simpler to type out long messages on the go: simply drag your finger from letter to letter and the phone will do all the hard work for you, joining up the dots to form your sentences.

Customise your Nokia Lumia 530

A key new feature that comes with Windows Phone 8.1 is the ability to customise pretty much everything on your Nokia Lumia 530. With Nokia smartphones famous for their vibrant shells in a range of bright shades, it only seems natural for your personality to spill into the phone’s set up too.

Choose your favourite colour for the 530’s menus, or even upload your favourite pics to the home screen for a bit of extra personalisation. After all, that’s what Nokia’s all about!

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Stay Appy! Windows Phone Apps

While it’s true that the first Windows Phone smartphones from Nokia did fall behind its Android and Apple counterparts when it came to apps, you’ll be pleased to hear that this is no longer the case!

At the latest count, the Windows Store houses over 200,000 apps including all the faves such as Facebook, Twitter, Shazam, Instagram and Skype, to name just a few!

On the map-front, the Nokia smartphone holds its own too: with the built-in Maps app on the 530, you can rely on your phone to get you home no problem. The feature doesn’t even require internet access either, which is great news.

Mix Radio - Nokia Lumia 530 orange

Plus, with NokiaMix on board the Lumia 530, all music fans are sure to be kept ‘appy (sorry, terrible joke). NokiaMix is a free app which lets you stream thousands of advert-free tracks, building your own playlists to listen to wherever you are.

One Drive for Storage

The great thing about the Nokia Lumia 530 in particular is that you can use all of these in-built Windows 8.1 features without the slightest fear that you’ll run out of space. The handset itself boasts 4GB of internal storage, but that’s almost quadrupled with OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage.

OneDrive lets you store all of your photos, documents and music which is ready to edit and view wherever you are. What makes this feature even better is that the Nokia Lumia 530 comes with Microsoft Office built in, meaning you can write that college assignment or work presentation right from the comfort of your smartphone!

Quad-core Power for Windows Phone 8.1

But it’s not just OneDrive which makes the Nokia Lumia 530 a great phone to house all of the Windows Phone features: with a quad-core processor, the Lumia handset gives you some serious speed to power your apps.

The phone’s 1.2GHz processor and Snapdragon 200 chipset is a huge step up from the Lumia 520’s dual-core 1GHZ processor, meaning you get a lot more bang for your buck when it comes to the Lumia 530’s power count.

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