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Blackberry Phone Deals & Contracts

With awesome QWERTY keypads and swipeable touchscreens, BlackBerry’s new line-up of smartphones are in a class of their own, ready for both work and play. Take a look at our BlackBerry deals below, or read our guide on how to decide which BlackBerry is right for you.

Why buy BlackBerry?

We’re excited to say that BlackBerry are back, and they’re better than ever. Starting with the recent BlackBerry Classic range, you can now enjoy physical keyboards AND touchscreen technology, all with that awesomely iconic design. There’s great memory, a nice camera, a fancy dual-core processor and a HD display too – everything you’d need from a smartphone.

BB Messenger

Exclusive to BlackBerry, BB Messenger (BBM) lets you chat to your heart’s content. Plus, you have the freedom to make calls, subscribe to BBM channels, share your location and more. BBM also lets you determine how long other users can see your messages for, as well as delete messages you no longer want the recipient to be able to see.

QWERTY keyboard

Perhaps one of BlackBerry’s best known features is the QWERTY keyboard buttons as seen on such models as the KEYone and Passport. Great if you’re using your phone for business or leisure, the physical keys make typing at speed simple. These phones don’t sacrifice screen space for the sake of keys either – you can still enjoy a great display, and models such as the PRIV have both touch screen keyboards and buttons – the best of both worlds you might say!

Excellent battery life

Fed up of having a smartphone that seems to run out of juice after minimal usage? Then a BlackBerry is for you. Known for having a strong battery life, models such as the KEYone have a battery that can last for 26 plus hours – one of the biggest ever to be used in a BlackBerry smartphone. Making them ideal for heavy phone-users, you won’t need to carry your charger with you on a daily basis with a BlackBerry.

High-quality displays

When it comes to displays, BlackBerry has some nifty features. If you live in fear of dropping your smartphone, fear not with the BlackBerry PRIV. This model has a super-strong Corning Gorilla Glass display, as well as being 5.4” and dual-curve, so it’s stylish, top-quality, and sturdy too.