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Want a handset that’s state-of-the-art, jam-packed full of impressive features from a reliable and exciting brand? If so, Google phones are for you. In terms of tech, they’re top-notch, so take a look at the Google phones we have available today.

Man holding Google Pixel


With oodles of state-of-the-art features, Google phones really do present an excellent option for the tech-enthusiast. Just check out the Pixel and Pixel 2, both available in two different sizes – standard and XL. Google is known for producing high-quality tech, and the same goes for the tech giant’s smartphone offering.

The best smartphone camera

Both the Pixel and the Pixel 2’s cameras have been identified as the highest-rated smartphone camera to date (as rated by DxOMark Mobile at their time of release,). This, coupled with the unlimited Google Photo storage that arrives alongside, means you’ll never have to compromise which photos or videos make the cut again - excellent news for photography enthusiasts.

Google Pixel

Better searching with Google Lens

A feature that arrives on the more recent Pixel 2, Google Lens adds a whole new dimension to online researching. Use the camera as an extension of your Google search, with ‘search what you see’ functionality. That means you can easily find information on the landmarks that surround you - particularly useful if you’re not sure what they’re called in the first place!

“OK Google” at your service

A feature that’s present on both the Pixel and Pixel 2, Google Assistant can make life easier. Ask questions, schedule appointments, set reminders, play music, send messages and much, much more, the personal assistant is Google’s answer to a functional, responsive feature that actually works. The Pixel 2 even introduces the option to squeeze the phone to start using Google Assistant - pretty high-tech stuff.

Google Assistant

Intuitive features

The Pixel 2 has taken the impressive features from the first-generation phone, and added some extra-cool ones. With this model, the smartphone has the functionality to automatically tell you what song it can hear playing while out and about, it’s got an excellent high-definition display, and it’s water resistant. Smartphone tech at its best, right there.