LG Phone Deals & Contracts

LG phones are a great combination of both style and substance. Want an easy-to-use phone that looks the part too? Browse our awesome range of LG handsets.

Why choose LG?

LG has been a well-known name in the tech scene for years. Not only do they produce mobile phones, but LG are known for making televisions, appliances and much more. From the cutting-edge LG V30 to the compact LG L20, you’re sure to find a phone to match your lifestyle with LG.

FullVision Display

The LG Q6's 5.5” full HD display provides a viewing experience you’re sure to love. Whether you love watching videos, playing games or streaming tunes, this epic widescreen display is one of the key features of the Q6. Models such as the LG V30 also boast an impressive screen - here you’ll find LG’s OLED technology, as well as the FullVision display.

Strength and durability

LG’s phones often come with extra strong builds, so if like many of us you’ve been known to be a little clumsy with your gadgets, this is for you. The LG Q6 is made from materials that are more than capable of taking the odd knock, while the LG V30 has an IP68 water-resistance rating, keeping it safe from surprise downpours.

Wide angle camera

If you’re a lover of selfies, an LG phone could be for you. You’ll find a wide-angle camera on models such as the Q6, V30, K10 2017 and G6, meaning you’ll never have to worry about squeezing everyone into the frame again, and you can even change the settings back to normal if you’d rather have a closer shot.

Quick share

Love uploading your content to social media? LG phones make it quick and easy. Instantly upload your favourite snaps and videos to your preferred social channel with LG’s Quick Share feature. In fact, keeping your online life up to date has never been simpler. You’ll find this on models such as the LG K10 2017 and K8 2017.

Unlock with face recognition

In-keeping with state-of-the-art smartphone technology, the LG Q6 allows you to quickly and easily access your phone simply by showing it your face. All you need to do is lift your phone in front of your face, and away you go.

Use Google Assistant

The LG Q6 and G6 also have Google Assistant built in. From answering instant questions and setting reminders, to cueing up your favourite tunes, Google Assistant is always on hand to help.