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Microsoft Phone Deals & Contracts

Take a peek at our Microsoft phones and get tip-top tech at wallet-friendly prices. Live Tiles, Microsoft Office, Xbox Live and Cortana are just some of the excellent features that can be enjoyed without breaking the bank.

Why choose Microsoft?

Back in April 2014, Nokia Mobile was acquired by Microsoft to become, you guessed it, Microsoft Mobile. Thanks to this new venture, Microsoft now offers a pretty great deal on smartphones. You’ll find models we know and love from Nokia, such as the classic Lumia, now paired with Microsoft technology

Microsoft Office

That’s right, you can benefit from all your computer’s best-loved programmes optimised for your smartphone. That means Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more are all at your fingertips – great if you can often be found working on the go.


Kind of like having your own personal assistant, Cortana is a feature of Microsoft smartphones that can help make sure your day-to-day runs to time. From telling you the weather forecast to reminding you about your 10 o’clock meeting, Cortana’s got you organised.

Xbox Live

If you’re into gaming, the Xbox app is for you. Not only can you add another dimension to your gaming experience, but you can keep up with the Live community, join new ones, find your mates and generally keep yourself immersed in all things gaming too. Pretty sweet, huh?

Live Tiles

Like to be able to keep all your stuff in order, in just the way you like it? Microsoft Live Tiles lets you do just that. See more updates from the apps you love and view snippets of the news, the weather and your calendar – style it up however you wish.

OneDrive Cloud Storage

Keep your files and documents in one handy, secure place with Microsoft OneDrive on your smartphone. Take a photo and keep it safe with Microsoft’s cloud storage offering – perfect for peace of mind that your memories are safe.