Nokia Phone Deals

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Nokia are one of the oldest mobile manufacturers in town, and they’re still making fantastic phones today. Combining reliable tech with an affordable price-tag, it’s not hard to find a Nokia handset you’ll love.

Why choose Nokia?

With their strong background in the industry, Nokia has become a trusted name for new smartphones and retro-inspired handsets alike – and with good reason. Whether you’re looking for a flashy smartphone, or a reliable basic features phone, Nokia are ready to step up.

Top-quality builds

Nokia handsets are choc-full of premium materials. You’ll find aluminium frames, sturdy Gorilla Glass screens, and hefty battery life to see you through the day. These quality builds can be spotted on the Nokia 3, 5 and 6 – all of which rock both style and substance.

Selfies? No problem

If you’re into photography, Nokia offers some great camera features. The Nokia 3 boasts an 8MP camera on both the front and back, the Nokia 5 has a 13MP primary camera and an 8MP wide-angle lens on the front, and the Nokia 6 enjoys an amazing 16MP rear camera, and 8MP on the front. All backed up with Google Photos, you can snap away to your heart’s content.

Safe and secure

As well as regularly updating the security features with Android Nougat, Nokia phones such as the 5 and 6 have fingerprint sensors. This means it’s quick and easy to unlock your device, and keep your private stuff safe from prying eyes.