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Windows Phone Deals & Contracts

Entertainment hottness

If you’re a social savvy, fun loving kinda folk, then you’re onto a winner. Windows phones are far from putting all it's apps in one basket, they’re also great for cracking on with work stuff thanks to the power of Microsoft.

5 reasons Windows Phones rock!

When you sign up for a deal with a Windows Phone, you’ll be treating yourself to a whole range of nifty features that you won’t find elsewhere.

Windows phones Live Tiles UI

Snazzy Live Tiles

Windows phones are built around the super-smart Live Tiles design. This means you can give extra space to the stuff you love, hide away the stuff you don’t want to see, and generally enjoy the organised and colourful appearance of your phone. Bye bye boring handsets.

Clever-Clogs Cortana

Step aside Siri, get lost Google Now, there’s a new voice assistant on the block. Cortana combines the personal touch of Siri with the smarts of Google to offer all the help you could ever need. Just say ‘Hey Cortana’ and prepare to be impressed.

Microsoft Cortana voice assistant

MS Office For Workaholics

Windows handsets are fuelled by the power of Microsoft, which means you get many of the benefits on your laptop available in a pocket-friendly size. With office titles like Word, Excel and PowerPoint, you can take your work wherever you go.

Stonking Value

Windows phones have a reputation for offering great specs at affordable prices. From awesome cameras to speedy processors, Windows Phones put great specs in your pocket without breaking the bank. Check out the Lumia 535 or 640 to get an idea of what we mean!

Microsoft Lumia range at budget prices

Amazing App Selection

Check out the great selection at the Windows Store, and you’ll never have to worry about being bored. But it’s not just regular favourites like Netflix, YouTube, Facebook and Skype, you’ll also have access to Xbox titles such as Halo too. Game on!