Mobile Phones with Free Smartwatches

Join the hype!

Smartwatch? Smart choice Bond.

It used to be stuff for MI6 agents in adventure thrillers, but thanks to super tech masterminds these nifty little gadgets have jumped straight out of blockbusters and onto our wrists. What’s more, you can get one free with your phone contract. No upfront costs, no hidden surprises, just two gizmos on one easy contract. Result!

What the heck is wearable tech?

It’s pretty simple really; wearable tech is technology which is wearable. Think of your mobile phone and smartwatch as a tag team. When you’re out and about with no time to faff around, your smartwatch will keep you connected without you having to look at your phone.

What makes it awesome?

It keeps your life in check

Calling, texting or emailing can all be done from your wrist. You can even set reminders and schedule appointments that you’ll never miss, as it’s always on hand to help you out.

Google Now

It keeps you on the right road

With voice search, you can speak into your watch like some sort of spy and receive answers to our questions in real time. Also, with built in GPS you can make sure you reach your destination on time, for once.