Mobile Phones with Free Tablets

A Champion Combo

Tempting Tablets. To Say the Least

So you want a tablet but don’t want to pay full whack upfront. We hear you. Truth be told, tablets are awesome when bundled with smartphones. You could share your files across devices or even tether a data connection from your phone onto your tablet. Class if your Wi-Fi is out of reach.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB

All the latest Ios features are jam packed inside this Apple iPad. Get stuck into the latest apps, this Tab can handle it.

Set up different user accounts for your family

  • Pretty powerful
  • Videos look awesome
  • Perfectly portable
Apple iPad Wi-Fi

Amazon Fire 7

This nifty tablet gives you the best of Amazon at your side. There’s even some leading Google apps to download too.

  • Great for Skype calls
  • Fling media to your telly.
  • Amazon and Google apps
Amazon Fire 7

Why order your free Tablet from e2save?

  • The best deals – We’re committed to value, so nothing makes us happier than providing awesome tech at low prices.
  • Twice the tech – Order a phone and tablet together, and you can enjoy two shiny new items with just one contract.
  • Free Delivery – There’s no charge for delivery, so your order will be delivered right to your front door at no extra cost.

Fancy Bigger GB Storage?

128GB iPad Mini4 in cool Space Grey.